Sunday, July 30, 2017

What's the difference between a head job and a steak...

To the guy that used the pick up line "what's the difference between a head job and a steak"

Firstly, I thought I heard you say "what's the difference between a hedgehog and a snake"

 But don't confuse my total look of confusion with lust....please.

To then say you'll take me out for dinner so I can see with a creepy `wink wink' only made me vomit a little in my mouth.

You obviously didn't say hedgehog

Or snake

I'll never look at poor hedgehogs again.

Besides from ruining the innocence of hedgehogs for me, this would of been my reply if I wasn't in complete shock and hyperventilating about what the actual fuck just happened....

For one, thank you so much for thinking about my steak needs. Didn't know I looked so anaemic, I have been taking iron supplements, but I now know to up my dosage. So I appreciate that.

I possibly would of taken you up on your meal offer if you weren't wearing a wedding ring though... I mean, I'm totally cool with a free feed, especially if I need more iron in my life... But we should probably invite your WIFE too.....

And for two, I don't know why you feel the entitlement to a hedgehog head job post steak sesh. Or in fact, the entitlement to think it's okay to ever use that line on a woman...

So I'm sorry, there will be no swapsies in a steak and BJ with a man wearing a wedding ring that I was chatting to in a pub.

I just feel like my life is heading in a different direction.....

Enjoy your snake 'wink wink'

Harley xx

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