Monday, July 3, 2017

Breaking up as an adult.

Just moments after I decided to declare to the world that I was in love.
The posts, the blog, the instagram.....
It all seemed premature.

Because sometimes even though all of your stars look like they match. It's an illusion. Maybe you want them to be so bad that you pretend that they do. Or maybe you want them to so bad, you turn a blind eye to the fact that in reality, the stars are a complete mismatched mess. Completely.
Those stars that looked so breathtakingly beautiful, are really, just big balls of hot gas.

I don't think it's anyone's fault. We can't blame each other for not being right for one another. But the bottom line is, we're not.
Part of dating as an adult is really assessing if this relationship is something you really want, beyond short-term. Unfortunately, I just couldn't see that.

Sometimes completely different views and perspectives just don't work together. And that's okay!

It's funny though, I haven't been in this dating game since I was 17. It's kind of strange. Like breaking hearts, tears, and feelings are still things... fancy that! But now we do things... like adults! Sit down and have a conversation and mutually decide to part ways, adults. Kids are involved, items are involved, we invested in each others lives, now we have to un-invest, as 'adulty' as possible.

So, here I am, again, finding myself single in my 20's.... and blogging about it!

Which I'm not ashamed to be, I do like my own company, and my life is completely hectic enough. I love the self time, the growth time, the perspective time.
God knows that I really need to get a hold on this hot mess I call life before I can share it with anyone else.

Now is the time I focus on me and my beautiful children.
And boy, do I love my life with them. Seriously, have you met these two amazing people?!

-Harley xx

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