Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Jydan - 5 Months 1 Week

Twenty-Two Weeks:

Jydan is officially SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT woop woop.. After 5 months I officially know what sleep is again. He goes down at about 7 - 7.30pm and waking up about 6am. Last night he actually woke about 7am! Sometimes he will have a feed and go back to sleep for a couple of hours and other mornings it's party time. I rather him wake up though, I love snuggling up in my bed with him in the morning.
He isn't sleeping that great during the day anymore. But I think it's because he has always slept 14-16 hours in a 24 hour period and now doing most of that straight through the night. He still sleeps 14-16 hours but it's not long naps. More time to play :).

I've been really blown away about how much older Jydan looks now, the last few weeks he is just looking older and older. Becoming such a big bub!
Last week included improvements in sitting, trying new foods - he has now tried, avocado, banana, pumpkin and pears, tried a sippy cup, better sleeping, a gorgeous personality, church, exploring, a mothers group, play date with Kaison, colder weather, sitting up in the pram (we have stopped laying it back) and a play date with Ryka.

Kaison & Jydan

Ryka & Jydan

Favourite Toy This Week:
We've sat the pram up now so he can play with the toys on the pram.. he LOVES it.

Favourite Thing To Do:

Bath time! His favourite thing to do is definitely have a bath. He loves a bath. Especially with his mumma!

Favourite Book:

When it's 'storytime' we get Jydan to pick a story. He will either lean towards one or eye off one. He loves these books! They only thing is, they're not a story.. so boring!! haha.

Favourite Food:

Pumpkin, Jydan loves pumpkin. He loves it more then any other food he has tried.

Favourite Word:

He is still saying 'Apple' a lot. Or 'Aaa ball'. He hasn't said mum for a while. I think because it was more a crying thing and he doesn't cry much now.

When Jydan is doing his crunches on the floor to try and sit up, he is pushing himself further and further up. If he holds onto my fingers he can pull himself 3/4 of the way to sitting up!

Personality This Week:

So playful! It's actually been a really fun week cause he been so playful. I have learnt to 'stop' and just play and it's been super fun!

Moment Of The Week:

Going for a walk in his pram where he was sitting up in it for the first time and he just watched everything as we walked past. We weren't able to do that before, so he loved it!

Outfit Of The Week:
I love Gymboree clothes. I get a lot of his clothes from Gymboree and this is probably my favourite outfit. They are GREAT prices too.
Take a look :

Photo Of The Week:
Sippy cup!!


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