Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby Tiley - 37 Weeks

Baby Tiley This Week:
Well I am officially 'full term', and have 22 days to go. I've made it! I can't believe it that I've made it through this week and my dear little boy will be at least born safely and at full term!
We had ANOTHER scan of baby Tiley and his decided that he would be in the posterior position, so his back is on my back. I didn't think much of it until I researched it... and holy moley I hope he turns. Apparently it can make labor alot worse, alot of back contractions, longer labor, stop and start labor (which I'm experiencing), water breaking early... so lets hope he does flip! His been moving so much lately so I think his trying!
Baby would be around 6 and half pounds according to the average fetal size, which is about 3 kilos (so we have a couple of 00000 outfits just incase he comes this week). His a bit over 19 inches now too, about 50 centimeters. Wowee.. his soo big now! His head diameter is about 9 centimeters too.
His shredding his waxy substance now, the vernix, although there will be some traces at birth most will disappear.

Tiley's Movements:

Wow, last night little Mr was right into my ribs, he would kick a foot right out into them and leave his foot in them for a while until he decided he had enough of hurting his mummy. We were laying in bed so I told Tim to feel his little foot, hopefully giving him an idea of what I complain about all too often. He was amazed. Tiley's foot was pushing his hand out through my ribs, he was giving my ribs a good whack.
When bub has the hiccups now they are big hiccups, before it was that I could just feel them in the inside of my belly, now my whole stomach jumps! It's amusing to look at ;).
Okay, so his movements are really starting to hurt now... but I can guarantee I will miss it!
Like I said above, Tiley has been moving so much lately. He is going absalutely crazy!

My Bump This Week:
I decided (don't know why??) to share a 'bare bump' photo this week, after all, this is all part of my journey... I didn't think I would rip so much, and I don't know how much my stomach can take! Here's my very ripped bare baby bump.
Yes, they can be as painful as they look. When they come I can feel a sting and my skin rip. It's a real unusual feeling, and I definitely don't like it. I guess I will keep you updated with the fading process after baby is born.

Symptoms This Week:
-Pelvic Pain
-Sore Muscles
-More Frequent Urination.
-Painful Legs.

Labour Signs:
-'False' Labour.
-One centimeter dilated.
-Lost the 'plug'.
(I think??)

I am still getting at least 3-4 contractions a day. After Friday/Saturday I had quite a few more contractions on Sunday night/Monday morning for about 6 hours at about 10 minutes apart. I've experienced some today at 20 minutes apart, and still, I'm not in labor. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I am only impatient now because on Friday the doctor said that it might take a few days or a week. So now I'm waiting for my time.

Finalising The Hospital Bag:
The hospital bag is completely finalised and finished now, I am ready!!

The Hospital Tour:
Well, I didn't end up going to the hospital tour because I had my own little tour throughout the week (if you missed it, read HERE)

The Final Birth Plan:
After our taste of labor my birth plan has changed/gone!! There's somethings that I still want to keep, but everything else I will just 'go with the flow' and see what happens.

Support People:
My husband, Tim, and my mother, Kelly, will be my support people during all stages of labour. Other support people will be visiting during the first and second stages of labour.
I would like to be told what is happening, how far I am dilating, if the baby is crowning, if there is any complications and anything else at all times.
Tim would like to watch the baby being delivered, from the crowing to the full delivery of the baby.
Kelly will be by my side during delivery.
Tim will be cutting the baby’s umbilical cord.
I would like to hold the baby as soon as possible after delivery.
Tim would like to hold the baby after the baby is cleaned.
I would like skin-to-skin contact and to attempt feeding after the baby is cleaned.
Our family members will be allowed back after the baby and I are cleaned, and the baby is fed. This could possibly be a couple hours after birth.
A photographer, Tanya, will be arriving to take photo’s of the baby as soon after the birth and depending on her availability. We will let staff members know.
All other visitors will not be welcome to at least 24 hours after the birth.
 If I change my mind regarding visitors I hope that it could be respected.
I do not want a dummy offered to the baby.
I would like the baby to have the vitamin K and Hepatitis B injections

 Although I prefer a natural labour I would like the decision for a c-section made as soon as it’s needed. Please do not wait for improvements in the baby or my labour to determine an emergency c-sections but rather take immediate action.
 I would like my husband, Timothy with myself in the theatre room.
I would like an epidural.

Three Weeks 'Till Baby Is Due.


MIsty said...

Your tummy is so huge now. Baby Tiley grows bigger and bigger. Are you sure you would give Baby Tiley a vitamin K shot? Some says it is not recommended, only if the baby is healthy. But I don't know.

Harley Cocks said...

Thank you for being concerned, I really do appreciate it :).
I think there are pro's and con's with every shot/injection. I have no issue with people who decide that the vitamin K shot isn't best for their bubby but my husband & I have decided that it's something we prefer baby Tiley to have :).

You might like to take a look at this article:

Once again, thank you so much for your concern and interest - I really do appreciate it. x

Camille said...

My daughter was turned into that position and it did cause my contractions to give me a lot of back pain. Try getting on all fours with your arms bent, so your back end is in the air and your forehead is resting on the floor. It's a yoga position that helps turn the baby into the right position, it worked really well for me. :)

Harley Cocks said...

You always have some great tips Camille!!
Thankyou :)

With my recent midwives appointment they said they could feel more of his spine, he was more towards the side then back-to-back, so his definately trying to turn, thank goodness!!

rebecca said...

Wow girl, now those are some stretch marks! I know how it feels though. I only have a few (I think about 5 total) but when they come, you are right, it burns. Feels like its tearing open something. It's so horrible I thought it was only me that felt the pain from them.
Hang in there. You are almost done. Not too long now and that's good you have everything prepared. We never did a hospital bag with our daughter and I just said forget it with this one too. LOL I'm bad when it comes to that

Erica Bodker said...

So close and you look so big already, I remember think how can I get any bigger... And I know your pain with the stretch marks. I'm your newest follower from the Monday Blog Hop, hope you can stop by and follow back :)

Harley Cocks said...

Thankyou Ladies xx
I know! I think I should get an award for these stretch marks, hehe! But I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds them painful!!

Rebecca, I can't wait to hear your birth story & how you went WITHOUT a hospital bag! lol. Don't you have to bring your own nappy supply ect?

Erica, I will check out your blog now, thankyou so much for following :D