Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Tiley- 33 Weeks.

Tiley This Week:
Bubby boy is about 4.4 pounds now (2 kilograms).
Tiley's skeleton is hardening now. His bones have been hardening for the last 5 weeks or so which probably explains my cravings for milk the last few weeks! Except the bones in his skull which aren't fused together and will now remain slightly overlapped (until baby is a few weeks old, and they wont completely fuse together until young adulthood) to make it easier for baby to get through the birth canel. Tiley's lungs are starting to mature and his practicing breathing in amniotic fluid in the womb (and peeing it out!).

Symptoms This Week:
My acid reflux this week is more indigestion then heartburn. Burp Burp Burp, I feel like I'm always burping! How embarrassing.
I realised that I've been nesting for a while... stocking up nesting. Apparently nesting doesn't just refer to the irresistible urge to clean everything in sight but stocking up on food and supplies. Our shopping cost has been huge lately and hubby suggested that maybe were preparing for when baby comes.. and it's true! When I researched nesting it came up that, that was a form of nesting too! But now the cleaning nesting bug has hit...I can honestly say, the half of the house that I've so far worked on has never been so clean! Scrubbing, Jiffing, Windexing, Sugar Soaping, Disinfecting and Bleaching... They are my new friends at the moment ;). I think hubby's even gone into sympathy nesting mode because he sugar soaped the bathroom too! haha.
Aching Bones:
This symptom has been lingering for a while but I've definitely felt it more since nesting! My bones are on extreme aching mode and I don't just woddle I do a kinds I do a woddle limp by the end of the day. A warm shower at the end of the day often fixes this or makes it at least so much better.
Braxton Hicks:
I've had quite a few braxton hicks contractions this week, they don't bother me at all and only very rarely are they are uncomfortable... never painful for me. Sometimes annoying when I'm trying to do something and the tightness stops me but other then that, a symptom I don't really mind :). I seem to have a automatic reaction to rub my tummy when I get a contraction. I'm sure in true labour I wont want to be touching my tummy at all!!
Low Iron:
After my 26 week blood tests I got told that my iron was low. I started taking an iron liquid that really helped, helped so much that I stopped taking it after about a month - silly move! My iron has now dropped again so I'm back on the iron liquid. I do however highly recommend the iron liquid I'm on. It's called floradix and everyone who takes it highly recommends it too.

Tiley's Movements/Routine:
Tiley doesn't kick much at all anymore.. I don't think I've felt a BIG kick for about two weeks. His just running out of room now but he still moves around alot. His famous move is sticking a leg out and leaving it for a few seconds and then putting it back into position. Like a big long stretch :).
His still has his same routine, moves around in the morning the most around 6:00am and sometimes on and off until around 9am! It's been nice while on maternity leave to soak up his morning movements without being busy and rushing off to work. His also still active in the evening too after about 8pm. I love it when his active then too because I get to share it with Tim after he finishes work :).
I felt the hiccups for only the second time on Monday :). During the day he will do little moves and turns, but nothing too big in fact his quite inactive, even when his having his active times during the day his not overly active.

Those Who Have Felt Bubby Move:
I looked after a gorgeous little boy on Thursday night and he got to feel baby move, so here is our updated, and very exclusive list:

Tim (Daddy) 10th of June.. 16 weeks & 3 days.
Jyle (Uncle Jyle) Jarrett (Pop) Jordan (Uncle Jordan) 17th of June.. 17 weeks & 3 days.
Graham (Poppy Cocks) Pam 23rd of June.. 18 weeks & 2 days.
Kelly (Nanny) 26th of June.. 18 weeks & 5 days.
Bradon 27th of September... 32 weeks.

Tiley's Bed's Ready:

Tiley's bedding is all washed and his bed is made up in our room. Such a wonderful thing to look at next to our bed every morning and night. We often get an 'awwww' moment when going to bed just staring where bubby will sleep.

The Nursery:
To see the progress of our nursery look HERE (Week 20) & HERE (Week 23).
The only thing that's left to get is a nappy stacker :)

The cot!! (and the bouncer)
Tiley's first Teddy's that match his room
and cot bedding that his daddy bought
The green bins for his dirty nappies
for mummy to get to and wash and
another bin for his toys.
Bubby's drawers.

Inside the cane baskets.

Tiley's clothes so far, inside the drawers and inside his
closet.... (lots on the way too)

Progress Of The Hospital Bag:
Well, the baby bag is almost done! He has his visitor outfit, going home outfit, a spare outfit, a 000 outfit, gro-suits, body suits, singlets, mittens, socks & beanies. Blanket, apricot oil and face washers for burp cloths.
Were still waiting on his first outfit (I received it but they sent a 000 instead of a 0000), newborn booties, more gro-suits, the rest of his going home outfit & his photo shoot cocoon.
Out of my bag... well... all that's packed is maternity pads, nipple pads, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap & bed socks. I haven't packed anything else because I don't know if I could part with my dressing gown, slippers and clothes for the next seven weeks... I think I'll pack the rest of my bag with only a month to go.

Seven Weeks Till Baby's Due!!


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Harley Cocks said...

Thankyou!! I haven't blogged for long... This blog has only been around since I found out I was pregnant!