Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby Tiley- 31 Weeks

Tiley This Week:
As of Saturday I was officially SEVEN months pregnant and today I only have 64 days to go!! It seems every time I check the days left it's down twenty days!! 100, 80 not 64, It's going SO quick. Then 40, 20.. then baby time :) He is now around 3.3 - 3.5 pounds, it seems now that different sites have different average lengths. I think it's because babies are bigger then they use to be and the average size has increased.
Tiley's hearing is so good now a loud noise near me would cause him to jump!
He may also move to the rhythm of music! (That's because his my boy :) ) Other then that he is starting to run out of room now and getting a bit squished and not moving as much.

Tiley's Movements This Week:
The last couple of days Tiley has done some amazing movements. Monday Tiley was moving so much that I tapped on Tim to have a look (normally if I talk or something he will stop). When he looked over he did the biggest tumble, turn & dance and Tim got to see my belly move and jingle!! We were amazed!
Last night he was moving alot too.. I had my laptop, adding to this blog and he was moving it. I even ask Tim if he could see my laptop shaking (and nooo I wasn't typing at the time). He could! Tiley is so strong he was moving my laptop! So I put my hand my belly and he did the biggest kick or punch into my palm. It bought tears to my eyes. I get to feel alot of movements inside my belly but not many on the outside. It was amazing.

I haven't shared this before but I have the most involved dad-to-be as a husband. As soon as I say that baby's moving he will put his hand on my belly. He will spend all evening with his hand on my belly.. he never gets sick of it! It amazes me really. When I get his hand to put over my belly he has not one pulled away. Tiley gets more cuddles then ME! I love it :D

Midwives Appointment:
Some wonderful news, my blood pressure went down (and then up since and down since) so no pre-eclampsia!! yet... just a very unstable BP and protein in my urine. I need to keep an eye on it and realise how quick it actually does go up and make sure it doesn't turn into pre-eclampsia :). So so glad!... I guess if it was pre-eclampsia my BP would always be high and wouldn't manage to come back down on it's own.
Everything else at my appointment went well too. My fundal height is now fairly exact, I think it was about half a week over or something, so nothing at all. That's something else that's all over the place but  looking good at the moment :). My next appointment was made for two & a half weeks time.

The Baby Shower:

Here are some photo's of my shower, and of course, the amazing cake! We played 'Guess The Amount', 'Guess Baby's Name', 'Make A Baby Belly' & '20 Questions' They also wrote a meaning for baby's name, and a letter for the baby. We had some yummy cocktails that my wonderful husband prepared before the shower, a gorgeous cake and some delicious food my mum prepared!

The Baby Shower Cake by
the wonderful
Cupcake Fairy.
Find her on facebook HERE

Beautiful Katalina showing off her
'baby bump'!
Check out my 25 Week Blog to get the
recipe for these Mocktails!

Things From My Baby Shower:

Thankyou again everyone... we got so many cute things and so many essentials, he was so spoilt!

Tiley's Name:
Like I mentioned in the previous blog, I was revealing the baby's name at the baby shower.
The game we played:
Everyone got the letters YANJD all in different order and they had to put the letters all in order to make up what might be his name...This is what some people came up with....

Tiley's real name was revealed...

 which is....


Jydan (pronounced JI-DAN) will be our darling little boys name. (Arabelle if HE is a little girl)

Who Jydan Will Be Named After:
We made up Jydan's name as it is a combination of my two little brothers names, JYLE & JORDAN. Which are these two little gorgeous dudes:

Meaning Of Jydan:
Because we made up our little guys name I also got everyone at the baby shower to write a meaning of the name Jydan, because there isn't one! So here are some meanings my wonderful friends and family came up with:
  • Joy, Youthful, Delighted, Angel, Nice.
  • A Little Miracle.
  • A Colourful & Beautiful Joyful Bird.
  • A Tropical Bird with Beautiful Wings.
  • King Like.
  • Energetic, Brave, but also Thoughtful & Kind.
  • Quite but Driven.
  • Sun God; Giver of Light/Sun.
  • Precious.
  • Dinosaur.
Comment what you think the meaning of 'Jydan' is and we will add it to his scrapbook too :)

Stay tuned for photos of our progressive shoot next post!

One & half more weeks left of work!