Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Tiley This Week:
Tiley is about 36.6 CM (14.5 inches) from head to toe now, tripled or quadrupled from the 14 week mark! His grown half an inch in just the last week. Weighing in at TWO pounds!! YEY! I can really feel the weight in my tummy now.
Some experts say that babies begin to dream around about now - no idea what about though, my hips maybe? But it just shows how amazing and active Tiley's brain is. What a miracle!... but seriously, I don't know when this bubby sleeps!
We've been having so many conversations with the little man, we talk to him so much. He would recognise my voice by now!
His eyes are also now opening and closing :)

Tiley's Movements:
It's said that tummy bubby's move the most about 24-28 weeks. He is so incredibly active now and I've definitely noticed since 24 weeks I've felt a lot of movements and stronger movements that increase each week. I've made the absolute most of all the movements, loved every kick and turn just in case his movements do slow down or become more in a pattern. They're is no pattern or routine in his movements yet, except that he moves the most in the morning. The last week though, he has been so active all day!
I've felt a few more of the turns I felt a couple of weeks ago. The feelings like the baby rolling around. I still haven't managed to watch my belly. I am so surprised that I have felt more of them, but it's such a great feeling.
I've also had a NEW feeling. A 'shake' in my belly. It FREAKED me out. I felt my baby shake. It was like when you have a shiver when you're cold, or a spasm. Apparently some babies, around 30 weeks, do this to get into a more comfortable position, or out of an uncomfortable position. They literally shake to move! Like a fishy! It left me feeling so queasy. I wonder if it will continue? I'll keep you updated though... such an odd movement!

Midwives Appointment:
It's been five weeks since my last midwives appointment so for some reason I was SO nervous about this appointment. It made me realise that I am still scared about this pregnancy. I guess I'm still amazed that this pregnancy is going so perfectly, I'm on my toes ready for a hiccup... but the midwives appointment went perfectly!
My fundal height is measuring a week and half ahead. The midwife said it's still in normal range but makes me wonder how big bubby is... nice and healthy :). The midwife even felt Tiley move :).
My blood pressure has dropped a tiny tiny bit again, still completely normal, but it amazes me how at each appointment it drops a couple of numbers. It's gone from 130/80 (First trimester stress I guess??) to 110/74. Thank goodness it didn't go up!!
I also heard Tiley's heartbeat again - I never get tired of it. It's a miracle!
I had my gestational diabetes test too. They call if you fail the test, and they don't call if you passed. I haven't received a call so = NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES!! yeeyy. See, everything is perfect :).

Progressive Video:
Here is the MASSIVE progress Tiley had made since week 21, I am amazingly proud so take a look:

The Last Trimester:
I'm finally here (although it has gone amazingly quick), the start of the third trimester and I am absolutely thrilled. It's exactly three months to go to my due date and I really can't wait! I want to make a promise though, to ENJOY what the very last of my pregnancy has to offer. To be more positive. To fix the pains and aches rather then just complain.
My back aches started quite early so I'm sure they are only going to get worse in the third trimester with a heavier baby but I need to love and enjoy the great things... the kicks, the movements, the growing belly for growing baby, the luscious hair & nails, the shopping and getting organised for baby, the pregnant shoots and everything else amazing.

Book To Read Before Baby Comes:

This book is quite controversial. Some people have told me it's fantastic, some have told me that it's terrible. I guess it's a book you love or hate but I've chosen to read it anyway. Maybe if I read one tip that I really agree with and want to try, it might be worth it? Use what tips works for me and ignore the rest?
So this book is on my 'to read before baby comes' list :).

Maternity Clothes I Adore:
I have been looking at some gorgeous maternity clothes to buy. What I've found really hard to find is gorgeous maternity pants. Their seem to be very few maternity pants about so I like finding tops I can wear with my maternity jeans or leggings. Here are some of the maternity clothes I adore. Some of them I have and some I'm planning on buying/finding:

Three week till my baby shower!