Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby Tiley- 28 Weeks.

So this week we have had major troubles with our Internet & home phone. We don't know if it's from the rain we've had or what but the Internet drops in and out (and did so, so many times while trying to write this post) all the time and our home phone line just isn't working. So while it was working this morning I was able to finish this post, pay for some stuff on Ebay and enter my footy tipping, hehe. So excuse me for the next couple of weeks if I'm slow to post!

Tiley This Week:
Wow! I cannot believe I'm 28 weeks pregnant all ready.. & Tiley is due to arrive in 12 weeks! Time is going so quick and I'm feeling really pregnant now. No wonder why because Tiley would be weighing in at over a kilogram now (around 2.2 pounds) and 37-38 cm from head to toe! Tiley would also be having his own regular moving patterns. So this week I will try and stay in tune with his movements and update of his movements. His head hair and nails would be visible now and his little tooth buds under his gums are starting to grow ready for his teething days.

All The Pregnant Ladies:
This is SO funny, Alaine Kashian takes off 'All The Single Ladies' by Beyonce while 38 weeks pregnant.

Things We've Chosen And Bought:
You can take a look back at this blog post, Week 15 to see what I previously posted on my wish list!
  Baby Carrier (All ready Got):

I've chosen the Ergo Baby Carrier as it was highly recommended for parents with back problems. I remember a couple of years ago I carried a baby in a carrier and it killed my back. With scoliosis, it really doesn't take much for my back to hurt.. hanging washing on a clothes horse, cooking on a low bench, vacuuming with a low vacuum.. so finding a carrier that wouldn't be horrible on my back and good for baby's hips was my priority.

This cot is the Grotime 5 in one Rollover 10 and is the cot we've chosen, for now, for our little darling. You can have the bed in the cot up higher for before Tiley learns to pull himself up, and then to a normal cot size. Then it converts to a bed for when Tiley is older! Then when he is even older and needs a new bed it converts into a couch! It's an expensive cot but when you look at the price of a cot and a bed it's worth it :).


This is the tallboy we've chosen for Tiley's room. It's brown-black (walnut) just like our cot so it will match in.

 Express And Bottle System:

We're in love with all the avent products. If it became necessary for us to bottle feed and express we have chosen to use the avent system. We love how the bottles can grow with your child, how anything you want you can get in an avent range - you don't have to buy anything in a different brand, how you can express straight into a bottle or a storage system.. and most of all they are BPA free :) BUT fingers crossed all goes well with breast feeding!
Rocking Elephant:
I have been in love with this rocking elephant for ages, It will go so well in Tiley's room with the safari theme. It's super cute, and a little bit different... aren't you in love?

Parenting Watching:
It's become a habit of mine to intensively watch parents with their young children. I sometimes have to stop myself from staring. I've seen things I've sworn I would never do & I've seen things where I want to base my whole parenting on. I've noticed a pattern. The parents who listen & watch their children VS parents who are distracted/distant from their children. I can only hope I will be like one of the parents who listen I& watch their children.
It's my wish to understand and communicate with my little boy, to play & read, to respond appropriately, peacefully, patiently and calmly, to be a teacher, a guider, a comforter and a mother. To be stable, to be a foundation.

So on Saturday Tim & I had been married for SIX MONTHS! It still feels like it was just a week ago... but it also marked the time that I realised that my wedding and engagement rings need to be kept to special occasions :(. Since around last Thursday I've noticed that they are extremely tight and it's been very hard to get off. Even a co-worker mentioned that they were starting to look tight. So hello second trimester fluid, how you are so not welcome! I'm a bit disappointed because I've only worn the set for six months.
I've also realised by Friday after work, at the end of the week my ankles seem to turn into kankles. After a weekend of resting they are fine again so I really only have to put up with them for a few days, so I'm happy about that :).

Baby Shower:
So alot of my time lately has been taken up by organising my baby shower. It's only in two weeks time and I'm getting organised.. slowly. I'm so not my organised self since being pregnant, I'm really pre-occupied with so many other things... but basically all I have left to do now is get every one's RSVP's, pick out recipe's and organise food :).

12 weeks till Tiley's due!!