Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Tiley- 25 Weeks

Tiley This Week:
Well let me just begin to say how crazy it is that I'm 25 weeks pregnant! I can't believe how far I am! I can't believe how well baby is! Only 15 more weeks to go :D :D
Tiley would be 34 cm now, about 13 & 1/2 inches and weighing in at almost 1 & 1/2 pounds! My uterus is also now the size of a soccer ball!!
This is a week for Tiley's brain development. Which is often developing each week now because baby is pretty much in proportion.

Tiley's Movements:
This week I felt Tiley do a huge turn/flip. Their is no denying it was a turn/flip, although I've never felt it before. It was nothing I've really felt, and was the strongest feeling I've felt. It was like my insides in my stomach twisted around.. it's so hard to explain! I'm sure if I was looking at my stomach I would have seen it too. It was VERY strong. I was really shocked because I thought Tiley would be too big to do this, so it was really amazing! I suspect I wont feel it much because he is getting so big so wanted to document the feeling :).

Booking Maternity Shoot:
So I've booked my maternity shoot for nine weeks time through a lovely photographer called TK Photography. I can't wait! Here is her blog so you can so take a look at her amazing work!!

Morning Sickness:
A couple of NIGHTS this week I have been nauseous, nothing major and definitely not as bad as the first trimester sickness :)

Preparing Millie For Baby:
We have started to prepare Millie for little Tiley so she's not too shocked having to share HER (as she likes to think it is) house. Here are some of the tips and tricks we have done so far.

-Making sure the nursery isn't 'out of bounds'. While we are home we leave the nursery door open. When I'm putting stuff away in the nursery I invite her in. Were hoping that this will mean that when the baby is in there she wont be too curious and get into things. So far this has worked and she doesn't even go in there out of curiosity now and get into things.

-Listening to baby cries. This is something we will work on more and more over time to try and get her use to the sound of a baby crying. Millie likes to bark at anything unusual for her so hopefully she will be use to the sound before the baby makes it.

-Getting Millie use to nail trims. Sounds unusual huh? Millie's fairly good at this but it will be good to get her even more use to as she will need regular trims so she doesn't scratch baby.

-Baby smells. This is something we haven't tried yet but I want to get Millie use to the smell of baby powder and the oils we will be using so Millie doesn't want to sniff, lick or pee on the baby

Nappy Checklist:
So Tiley's nappies have become our priority to finish buying and organising, we don't have much left so here's what's left:

Need To Get:
-One Week Worth Of Disposable Newborn Nappies
-Newborn Covers (3)
-Medium Modern Cloth Nappies (10)
-Large Modern Cloth Nappies (10)
-Liners (200)
-Wipes (3 Weeks Worth, Approx 500)
-Bags For Soiled Nappies (2 Packets)

Maternity Photo Book:
I've been working on maternity photo book, I'm doing it on the same site I made my wedding photo books. I've made SO much from this site, I LOVE it.
Here's some pictures of my maternity photo book coming along without giving too many gorgeous photos away:

Mocktail Recipe:
Last weekend I went to a 21st birthday party and thought I would make up a mocktail to drink so I made a PiƱa Colada mix! I thought I would share the recipe :)
Serves 4
250 grams coconut milk
170 grams crushed pineapples
110 grams pineapple juice

230 grams crushed ice
4 tablespoons of brown sugar
Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth (about 30 seconds). Pour into chilled glass.
Garnish with an orange slice, a pineapple wedge, or a maraschino cherry. Enjoy!
For a sweeter, less tangy drink, use pineapple canned in syrup rather than its own juice.

Five weeks till I'm 30 weeks!