Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Tiley- Week 22

Tiley This Week:
This week means I'm officially 5 months pregnant!! And bubby's doing so well, growing heaps too! Almost gaining his first pound!!
Here's a weight and height chart for the next 8 weeks
22 weeks10.94 inches15.17 ounces27.8 cm
23 weeks11.38 inches1.10 pound28.9 cm
24 weeks11.81 inches1.32 pound30 cm
25 weeks13.62 inches1.46 pound34.6 cm
26 weeks14.02 inches1.68 pound35.6 cm
27 weeks14.41 inches1.93 pound36.6 cm
28 weeks14.80 inches2.22 pounds37.6 cm
29 weeks15.2 inches2.54 pounds38.6 cm
30 weeks15.71 inches2.91 pounds39.9 cm
Can you believe how quick Tiley is going to put on the weight now? It took over 22 weeks to get to one pound, and then only another 5 weeks to gain another pound!

Mummy's lesson this week:
So I thought this week I would share a little lesson my little boy taught.
Last weekend left me feeling a little flat, Saturdays is my most uncomfortable days and random blood spotting last Thursday (Scan on Friday showed no reason- again, but received an answer from the doctor).  So I thought I would share a moment today. An amazing one second moment that changed my day.
 A big strong kick.
 Even though I get many a day, this was a big strong one right when I was feeling flat. It made me smile. It made me stop and think, okay, yes I'm uncomfortable but his so so so worth it all ready. It made me fall in love with my little boy that tiny bit more which I didn't think was possible. It made me positive.
My dear son, although not here yet is the most precious thing to me. I'm so proud of him all ready.

Tiley's kicks are really strong now. About a week ago they started feeling like proper kicks. I love documenting how his kick's feel because they change all the time. They went from pins & needles, to flutters/spiders in my tummy and now they feel like big air bubbles in my tummy poping (and no it's not wind : P). They are strong enough to sometimes lift my hand/jolt my hand when he kicks it.

Second Scan:
So this scan went very smooth and bubby was turned on his back so the measurements for the heart, brain and kidneys were taken which we missed out on last week and everything was perfect!! I couldn't believe how big he had got in just a week! The pictures this week are also so much clearer! The sono also ended the scan right between the little boys legs... still a boy ;)
Doctors Appointment:
I waited over an hour to see the doctor for a ten minute appointment but I found out our son is perfect (which I all ready knew). My fundal height was measuring at 22 weeks, perfect. My blood pressure has gone up a little bit but still in the normal range, perfect. My darlings heartbeat is between 150-160 bpm which is normal and perfect. Everything from the morphology scan was perfect too....... one very perfect little babe on our hands :)

Morning Sickness:
Am I speaking too soon? Could my morning sickness really be finally all gone?? It looks that way! Finally no morning sickness this week which is the first time since I was about 6 & half weeks pregnant!

Baby Shower:
This week I began organising my BABY SHOWER!!

I realised that their was only 8 weeks before my baby shower, me being the organised person I am, (We also have to be organised when family will need to travel) I started jotting down some ideas:

  • The shower will be at my mums house, in Gravelly Beach. It's a bit far out for my friends, but I'm sure people could car pool.
  • BLUE theme.
  • Dedicated to TILEY not mummy-to-be.
  • It will be on Saturday the 15th of September. Probably from 2pm.
  • Kids & babies will be welcome.
  • Lots of fun games!!
  • Name Reveal.
Nothing like having your first baby :)
What I couldn't live without:
Here are some things I couldn't live without!!
I adore my pregnancy journal!!
You have room to write about three sentences
each day. Highly recommend it for every
pregnant lady.
VEGEMITE! One of my major
cravings through my pregnancy. Definitely
can't live without it.

I have this wonderful November 2012 mum's club
through bub hub. There's always someone to
answer my questions and it's been great to share
my experiences and experiences of others.

My husband!
This pregnancy has been really hard on my body
and my wonderful husband has been the best support.
I couldn't imagine doing this without him.

My Body Pillow!!
I only have cheapy, but WOW is it comfortable,
especially with this big bump.

Okay.. so to be honest, I could live without
Ebay... but it's been brilliant! Bargains everywhere!
We've got so many clothes and MCN's from Ebay- love.

Justine's Baby #2:
My beautiful friend Justine is due this Friday with her dear little darling, bubby number 2. Her first little boy is just a bundle of cuteness and was born the day before his due date so my fingers are tightly crossed that this little (cheeky) bub comes soon!

Pop-To-Be's Birthday:

Today is my dad's birthday! We're celebrating with dinner and a blue's night on the weekend but I gave him his birthday cards yesterday. He got one from Tim & I and then a 'Happy Birthday Pop' one from Tiley.

Blog Readers:
I've realised that somehow I have a growing number of blog readers each week. The readers double and this week tripled. I'm really excited to share my journey with everyone.
I thought of making this a private blog, as this is my pregnancy diary, but my little baby boy is not just a miracle in the sense of a child being made but also in the sense that so many odds were against conceiving him, and then carrying him. I think it's worth sharing with everyone how my husband and I have (almost!!) come out the other side.

So THANK YOU for reading :)

Only 8 weeks till I'm 30 weeks!!