Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Tiley - 21 Weeks.

This week has been an amazing exciting week and seems to have gone so quick! Here's an update on all the exciting things this week.
Another big long blog this week, so much information to share...

Morphology Scan:
Some photos from Tiley's photo shoot:
The first one is of Tiley's body. It's not very clear, so you can't see its eyes, or nose or anything but it's so beautiful anyway. The next one is of it's little foot. You can almost count it's little toes!!
Tiley and the scan:
So I've come to the conclusion that poor little Tiley doesn't like the probe on the ultrasounds/doppler. We've never really been able to get Tiley's heartbeat on the doppler but can hear Tiley swim away, like a big whoosh. On the 11 week scan Tiley turned it's back to us, and same at the 20 week scan so we couldn't get all of the measurements and have to go back this friday to try and finish it off. So I'll update again then! We did however get to see between it's legs .................................................
WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! We are over the moon, so so happy! I love the fact that were having a baby boy first.
I'M HAVING A SON!!!! I feel like we are so lucky.. really lucky! and I'm just over excited!! We will get to have a second look to double check on Friday and then we will go crazy with boy stuff!

Gender Test:
So the Gender Maker test arrived the day of the scan. So we did it after the scan.
I didn't use the morning urine and I used too much urine but it came out........ PURPLE!!!
It was suppose to be blue = boy & pink = girl.
The lady that introduced me to it, also came out purple so I decided to do some research I should have done at the start....and realised that there are alot of people that get purple results. I was starting to get a bit annoyed. Stupid money making test. Until I found this on their website:
'Every woman's urine may vary in colors due to various factors such as diet, fluid intake, exercise, and other factors. For example, prenatal vitamins (especially vitamin B) can really change the color of the urine. Sometimes, due to excess of certain vitamins, the color of the urine can change. Therefore, the color of the test changes accordingly.
Sometimes the test result may have a shade of blue-purple. It is absolutely normal and still indicates a boy result.'
So really, It was correct for us!! Bub's a boy!!

Old Wives Tales:
So I thought I would also share what old wives tale worked for us when guessing the guess and what didn't.
So the story is, if bubs heart beat is fast (over 150) it's a girl, if it's slower (under 150) it's a boy... This old wives tale is so hard to go by because the babys heartbeat changes all the time. It's slower, then faster, then slower. But I found a website (can't find it now) where you type in the weeks and the heartbeat and it tells you either a boy or girl.... it said GIRL.
* 1 Girl 0 Boy *
The old wives tale says that if you crave sweet and dairy your having a girl. If you crave salt, savory things your having a boy. This was spot on for us. My major craving is Vegemite.. a BOY!
* 1 Girl 1 Boy *
Dry Skin:
Another old wives tale that was true for us is if you have dry skin your having a boy, and if you have oily skin your having a girl.. if you have no skin problems during pregnancy you should just be shot.... okay that's bits not really in the myth lol. But my skin is super, dooper dry... BOY!
* 1 Girl 2 Boy *
Nub Theory:
This is a really interesting theory, and all about guessing which way the first nub points to see if it will turn into a boy part or girl part. If it's over 30 degrees up it's a boy, if under it's a girl. Really interesting to research. We didn't get a clear shot at our 11 week scan but we tried to have a look and THOUGHT we saw it as a BOY!
* 1 Girl 3 Boy *
Apparently is your lucky enough to get thick healthy lovely hair during pregnancy that means boy. If it's dull, thin and brittle, it means girl. I am very blessed with the BOY theory!
* 1 Girl 4 Boy *
This theory is to do with the dad smoking. The (Y) male sperm are more sensitive when introduced to a smoking environment than the (X) girl sperm. So it's said that you are less likely to conceive a boy when you smoke, and more chance of a GIRL.
* 2 Girl 4 Boy *
Carrying Low:
Boys carry lower then girls (apparently)... my baby bump is very low so said to be a BOY!
* 2 Girl 5 Boy *
Chinese Gender Chart:
This theory is used by the Chinese and was actually correct for us. Check out the chart here:
In the chart you line up with your age at conception with the month baby was conceived. Bub was conceived on my 22nd birthday in February, the results said BOY.
* 2 Girl 6 Boy *
So not all the wives tales were correct, the smoking theory and heartbeat were the only ones that were wrong but over all the average test was right! Next bub we will definitely do a heap of theories again and go with majority - the majority certainly was correct this time!


So we left for Hobart on Friday afternoon and had such an amazing night Friday night. We went out for Indian for dinner and then went to see Ted at the Gold Class. The gold class was both our highlight of the babymoon. It was so relaxing and nice. Another highlight was having a buffet Continental breakfast each morning... great way to start the day!
The next day we spent sight seeing and driving around. We weren't sure what to do as our Savoy booking wasn't confirmed. We went shopping for bubby and bought his very first cot bedding! Tim also bought me some much needed maternity pants.. his just great! We then ended up at this beautiful beach and had lunch there.
The next 12 hours were drama and a half! Ekk! One of the rooms had a faulty fire alarm so we had to evacuate JUST as our meals had finished at the hotel restaurant, then wait outside in the cold where I ruined my new maternity pants from Tim (thank goodness they are still wearable!) and then had to go back to our cold meal! We went back to our hotel room, watched a few movies and went to sleep about 12pm............ to be woken up at 5:30am by the faulty alarm again. I was so sick that day because of the lack of sleep and having to jump straight up out of bed and get organised. I think I had the worse morning sickness I have ever had!
We made our way back that morning stopping into family and friends on the way home and ended up getting home about 8pm.

Tiley this week:
In our exciting week, Tiley's also done some exciting growing!
Tiley's now the length of the average carrot.. 10 & 1/2 inches long which is around 27cm! His also creeping up to a pound already! His 3/4  of a pound! This makes me wonder how huge my belly will get! It's taken 21 weeks to get to 3/4 of a pound and only has 19 weeks to make up the rest of the pounds... Hopefully no more then another 7!!
His getting so strong now, his kicks feel like air bubbles bursting in my belly. It was a surreal moment watching and FEELING bub kick. Tim's and everyone else hasn't felt the strong, strong kicks yet- I cant wait for people to spin out! Tim does try to feel.. bub Tiley, being Tiley and not liking his personal space invaded stops kicking when Tim tries to feel. I haven't noticed a pattern yet, but they certainly say the patterns starts soon, so I will definitely be documenting!
It's also a week for Tiley's taster buds! Tiley's been gulping the amniotic fluid every day for practice, hydration and nutrition. Studies show that after birth babies like the taste of foods they have tasted through the amniotic fluid... might be time to lay off the hungry jacks!
Blog on the phone:
So I checked out the blog on my mobile the other day and couldn't believe how messy it looked! I double check the preview on the computer and it looks so much different- very neat. So if your checking on your mobile (I've realised that I have quite a few viewers now) sorry about the messy blog!

I'm still waiting for the second trimester energy to kick in... I think I missed out since I'm half way through the second trimester. I'm not AS tired as the first trimester but still very tired. I start to get tired around 3.30/4pm and then super tired, ready for bed by 7pm! My bedtimes averaging around 9pm these days... I just can't stay awake much longer! But I'm loving getting 9 + hours of sleep each night :D

I'm still craving alot of salty things, I still love my Vegemite but this weeks cravings have included alot of dairy too!! Not the best when your lactose intolerant! Especially those banana milks.. definitely satisfy my thirsty cravings! It's really strange because Ive completely gone off banana's! Vanilla icecream has also been part of my new dairy cravings. Fingers crossed I don't start craving vegimite in my icecream!
Oranges are my snack of choice, I at least have an orange a day!
My drink of choice at the moment is water (Orange or lime flavoured water by PUMP is my favourite) and green cordial. I was a huge juice lover, we bought a juice maker not long ago but haven't used it at all during my pregnancy.
So this week I've decided to restore my baby teddy....

This was me with Ted when I was a baby and this is Ted 22 years later.  It needs alot of work.. to be re-stuffed, stitched, more fluff put on it, cleaned, dyed, eyes, nose and I want to put a BLUE bow on it for our bub instead of the pink bow. I'm thinking I will get a professional to do most of the work but I really want to the bow myself :) I was thinking of also getting 'made in 1990' somewhere on it, but don't want to change it too much. I might get the professional to make a tag near its bum :).
That's all for this week x

6 more weeks till I'm in the third trimester...