Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Half Way: 
HALF WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So over the moon to have made it! The last 20 weeks have gone SUPER quick and I’m expecting the next 20 to go quick as well! So super proud of our little treasure... our little spec of gold is really turning into something so more amazing. So this blog is pretty long this week, because it was SO exciting to be half way!

Tiley this week:
This week is a BIG week for bubs skin protection!
A protective white fat substance has been made around bub's skin to help protect the delicate skin as well as bubs skins getting thicker. The growth of fine body hair is starting to grow on the rest of bub's body. Toe nails and finger nails are also starting to grow. Can't wait to feel the darling’s soft skin!!
Some more amazing things bubby is doing this week is swallowing even more, Tiley would also start recognising my voice and have grown to about 25 CM (10 inches) from head to heal, around half of what Tiley will be when it's born! As of next week, bubs measurements will be taken from head to heal, instead of head to bum. This will make things so much easier when I research bubs size!

Progress Video:
Take a look at how much Tiley has grown and developed in the last 5 weeks:

Morning Sickness:
So just when I thought my morning sickness had left... it came back just for a couple of days this week. I've also had throat infection/flu this week so that combined with morning sickness was not fun!

So the painting has begun on Tiley's room... here's some photos of the room colours before and updated photos of the room all painted. I'm SO happy with how it's looking! Exactly how we pictured it :). Next week it's time to make a start on moving stuff in and decorating. Still a lot of wall decorations on order, we don't have a cot yet and a lot of other stuff, so the decorating won’t be finished for about a month or more.



(Click the photos to make it bigger)

here are some things we've accomplished being half way pregnant:

-Bought a portacot, nappy bags, clothes, nappies, rocker/bouncer, play mat.
-Delegated and chosen bassinet, high chair, pram, bath, towels, face washers and capsule to/from family members.
-Chosen a nursery theme and colours.
-Painted nursery & bought decorative wall stickers.
-Booked maternity & newborn shoot.
-Bought maternity clothing.
-Filled out admission forms for St Vincents.
-Rough drafted a birth plan
-Booked into the Launceston General.
-Chosen names!!
-Bought baby monitors.
-Began maternity scrapbook.
-Started progressive shoot.
-Joined a birth club.
-Laybyed a baby carrier.

Some things we still need to do and organise:

-Buy stimulating toys, coat hangers, more clothes, electric breast pump, bathing equipment, disposable newborn nappies, wipes, baby carrier.
-Buy bottle steriliser.
-Buy nursing pads.
-Buy breast milk storage containers.
-Buy swaddle/Sleeping bag.
-Decide on and buy a cot.
-Wash clothes.
-Decorate nursery.
-Buy a tallboy.
-Finalise my birth plan
-Book into St Vincents.
-Buy cot bedding X 3 or 4 sets.
-Buy bassinet bedding X3/4.
-Buy waterproof plastic sheets.
-Get a queen size bed.
-Buy a rocking/nursing chair.
-Buy nursing bras.
-Buy nursing tops.
-Pack baby & mummy bag.
-Arrange care of Millie while in hospital.
-Make a list of names and numbers of people to call when babys born-Delegate!!
-Make lots of food and freeze for when baby arrives.
-Book antenatal classes.
-Finish maternity scrapbook.
-Get material for curtains and get Di to make.
-Buy a video camera.
-Buy a SLR camera.
-Begin baby proofing the house.
-Organise baby shower.
-Organise naming ceremony.


Things for Tim & I to do before 2 becomes 3:
-Regular date nights, at least once a month. A whole night, just us.
-Go on a babymoon.

Babymoon Itinerary:
11:00am Morphology Scan.
2:00pm Leave For Hobart.
4:30pm-5:00pm Check into Hotel Collins.
7:00pm Gold Class Cinemas (Ted)
1:00pm Savoy Day and Spa
11:00am leave Hotel Collins - Head back home.

Morphology Scan:
Not long to go now!! Only two more days, amazingly excited. Were hoping bubs not shy so we can find out what sex bubby is too :). But before we find out bubs sex, my first priority is finding out if all is okay with Tiley xx

Progression Shoot:
Did we finally start our progressive shoot?
Remember these are a set of 4 photo's throughout my pregnancy, in the same position, wearing the same clothes at different stages of my pregnancy that will go into bubs room with a photo of bub when it's born. I'm not sure which ones we will use as the actual progressive one, but here are some of my favs. PS. I THOUGHT I was smiling... apparently I can't smile when I've got the flu!

These will go on the brown feature wall in the babys room so I wanted them to reflect the green walls.

Tim's card from Tiley x

Tim's Birthday:

It's Tim's birthday TODAY! It was present time this morning, filled with winter wonder warmers, thermals and slippers and DVD's he wanted. I hope he has an amazing day... he deserves the best xx

Millie's Birthday:
It's Millie's birthday on MONDAY.. her second birthday, so no longer a pup. She really has settled into adult life the last month or so which is great for when baby comes. Her day will be filled with presents (toys & a new jacket) and walkies.

Officially HALF WAY!
2 days till our scan xx