Friday, June 15, 2012

Baby Tiley- Week 17

I have been so tired this week, especially the last couple of days, even this blog is two days late and I normally begin them a week in advance.. so I finally got a tiny bit of energy and begin writing this post and my computer turns off! Argh! So here goes, hope this post is worth the energy!

All About Tiley:
Tiley's put on 40 grams this week, which is a BIG effort since the total weight will be around 140grams.. So Tiley's put on almost a quarter of it's weight in just a week! Tiley will put on about that again next week, growing really fast now! Tiley's also about 13 cm  from the top of it's gorgeous little head to its spunky bum. Tiley would be about a massive 17-20 cm from head to feet :). Until 20 weeks Tiley will be measured from head to bum and then after 20 weeks it's head to feet. Sometimes this gets a bit confusing while researching because some websites go from 'crown to rump' and some 'crown to heal'.
I also have to remember that it's all based on average. They say that a bubs will be around 7.63 pounds and 51 cm at 40 weeks and we all know that every bubby is a different length and size.
As of next week all Tiley's organs and everything should be in proper position so this week Tiley's been very busy getting prepared, especially with it's skeleton. Tiley's skeleton is starting to get a little harder, not quite bone yet but getting there :).

Tiley's movements are still feeling like flutters and a swimming fish, I think once or twice I have felt definite kicks but other then that, just movements.

As i've mentioned previously, each week I try to focus on something each week leading up to the birth of little Tiley.

This week I've been organising a babymoon before i'm too big to enjoy doing anything.
A babymoon is an intimate holiday to spend with your partner before bub comes. It's your last chance to have a get-away before 2 becomes 3 :).
While we can't wait for Tiley to arrive, it will be so nice to make the most of just being husband & wife before becoming mummy & daddy.
Were going the day we have the morphology scan (since we have to have it off work anyway because the scan's at 11am) for a three day weekend. It's also only a few days after Tims birthday. I'll be 20.1 weeks - 20.3 weeks. Only three weeks to go!
Were going to go to hobart and going to stay at the Hotel Collins. Here's some pictures :)

I really want a spa suite(but they are all booked out) and find a place nearby place that does pregnancy massages.. spoil ourselves a bit ;)

So last week I was thinking that my bump had stopped growing for a little bit and caught up.. but it had a bit of growth spurt again and here it is :)

For the first time a stranger came up to me and asked if I was pregnant.. I'm sure I will probably get sick of people asking in the end but at the moment I'm loving it!
We are soo proud of our little darling, it's growing so well. I can honestly say that I'm loving being pregnant (unlike the first trimester!!)

So our plans for a progressive shoot fell through and we will have to take our own photos. So Tim will start taking photos from this weekend of myself and then continue from their. Our new plans will be 17 weeks, 24 weeks, 30 weeks, 36 weeks.. well hopefully I'm not too tired this weekend to do it. I will upload some photos in next weeks post :)

I can't believe next week I'll be 18 weeks!