Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The Blog:
As you can see I did a bit of a make-over with this blog this week... hope you like it :).. I feel it suits my blog more.
I thought I would explain why I decided to make this blog.
After loosing our second little angel I could not think of a simple reason of why on earth it had happened to us.. again. The only thing I knew is I needed to get my story out there and try and help other people get through such a horrible, horrible time. So I started writing a blog about our losses and trying to conceive. I never had the courage to share it with anyone, I wrote it too personal. When we finally fell pregnant this time I deleted that blog and started this one. I was deleting alot of bad memories and wanted to share something more positive, about the miracle that will happen after loosing my babies. I feel I can share this blog more openly - focusing on a more positive outcome and hopefully inspire couples trying to conceive or trying to deal with a loss to never give up.

I call our darling our little spec of gold. I am so, so, proud of our little person.. I think its the most perfect & clever of our little one!
I also wanted to make a pregnancy blog to share this wonderful time with our close friends & family (Especially my mum ;) ), have something we can look back through every few weeks, after bubs born, even in a few years.. even to share with our little darling. So here's our 16th week journey:

The Reason We Married:
This week I've been reminiscing about my wedding day, and the reason we decided to get married. We wanted to start our family married, so here is our wedding, besides being so in love, only three days before bubby was conceived:
I couldn't think of a better father-to-be or anyone else I would want to have a family with... So happy that I married my true love xx
I can't wait to see how much our darling will be like my husband xx
Midwives Appointment:
On Tuesday I had my midwives appointment. I booked into the hospital & booked my morphology scan. My scan will be on the 6th of July. I'm a bit bugged that we didn't get to pick the actual date for our scan and that I have to wait till I'm 20.1 weeks but its still around hubbys birthday, and that's what we really wanted. It's at 11am so I have to take ANOTHER day off work, oh well.. I'll try not to have a sick day before then and they should be okay with it.
I actually love how their is all these things like appointments, ultrasounds, etc, that you have to look forward to that takes you mind of the final countdown and makes the whole pregnancy a little faster.
Although we have a home doppler, I got to hear Tiley's heartbeat with the midwives doppler.. it was super fast!
I'm a bit confused about my uterus measurements, My uterus is measuring 5 days smaller then the actual size of the baby.. I have NO idea what that means and she said that's normal, everyone else is saying its normal.. my due date even got moved up because the baby is big. So basically, babys gonna come when babys gonna come.

This week Ive had off work, except for two hours on Monday and I wont be returning to work till next Tuesday. Ahh I'm going crazy already, I swear I'm going to start nesting early! haha!

My cravings are crazy. Crazy in love with vegemite!! I can't get enough of vegemite on savoys & vegemite sandwiches, if the supermarket has vegemite scrolls, consider them mine!! Salt, Salt, Salt, huh! Ive done a bit of research on cravings and it's your body saying it 'needs' something to keep your or your babies nutrition up.. I'm guessing it's the salt in the vegimite for me as early on I had an urge to have cherry tomatoes with salt, then potato & gravy and now vegimite.. all really salty foods.

What I Know About Tiley Allready:
I also feel like I know so much about Tiley all ready...
I know Tiley's strong, I started feeling movements at around 13 weeks and it gets stronger and stronger. So many people feel movements later on, its so great!! Tileys so active :D. I can also feel, if Tiley's squished on one side I can feel something hard on the side of my belly. I am so lucky, I really wanted to feel bub by 16 weeks.. and I well & truly did :D
Tiley also LOVES food. Every time I eat Tiley had a party. Even if Tiley's sleeping bub wakes up and moves around for food.. a big burst of energy after it's got some food!
Tiley also makes itself so sleepy. If I have a really active day where bub moves soo much all day, I will hardly feel bub move for a day or so.. hehe.. how cute is that?!
Bubby this week:

What Tiley Would Look Like This Week:
This is what Tiley might look like this week.. how beautiful!! I just want to cuddle it!!
Bubbys a little fatty now hehe.. around 100grams! HAHA.. No really we are soo proud of the perfect darling. My baby to be is absolutely perfect!!
Tiley is also playing away, not only with sucking it's thumb but will start playing with it's umbilical cord too!! Tugging & pulling, Tiley's first toy :)
Some people say that a bub can also begin to hear at 16 weeks (faintly and then actively around 24 weeks), so I did what I've been doing best and looked at alot of research. I keep Tim pretty updated with my research on the pregnancy every week and when I mentioned about hearing I think I got the most excited response yet! His pretty excited for the baby to start hearing his voice.. and the fact that babys can hear the males voice more then the females voice (because of the depth of a masculine voice) his pretty stocked!! I wonder if he will start singing to Tiley?!
This brings back memories of my own mum pregnant with one my brothers and I was obsessed with the SPICE GIRLS!! and my brother responded to the songs I played, over & over after he was born! I can't believe his going to be an uncle now.. And I'm BECOMING A MUMMY!!

Well, this is my progress this week..
12 weeks till I'm in my third trimester!!