Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Tiley- Week 15

Midwives Appointment:
I have my first midwives appointment next Tuesday at 8.15 am!!
Were a bit behind on our midwives appointment as we first decided to go private and then changed our minds but I'm so excited to be booking in with the hospital and our morphology scan!! I can't wait to see bub again.. I miss our baby so much. Were not suppose to have a scan after our morphology, I don't know how I'm going to survive!!
Were just still deciding when to have the scan.. Tim's birthday is the 4th of July, and I'll be 19 weeks and 6 days so I thought that would be a beautiful present for Tim from the baby but he wants it earlier.. his just as excited :D It might be something I'll have to talk to the midwife about :)
We ARE going to find out the gender but just not sure how/when/if we will announce it.... Keep reading and you might found out ;).

Gender Guessing:
According to this video ( ) we could probably found out if Tiley is a he or she now... so I've made a survey!! Get guessing.. hehe. Here's the link...

Tiley This Week:
Baby is now 10 cm or more.. no wonder I can Tiley move around alot. I feel Tiley mostly when I'm sitting and sometimes laying down. Especially when I've eaten, Tiley loves food!!
I haven't felt Tiley move standing up yet.. it wont be long till Tim can feel kicks and movements.. I'm hoping by 20 weeks, but will of course update!!
Tiley's ears are starting to move into position and by 16-18 weeks Tiley will be able to hear sounds and music.. I better get some music for bub to listen to :).

Shopping For Tiley:
This week I thought I would share our shopping for bub so far.. besides nappy's & clothes here's some furniture we've got/ decided on...

Some of bub's stuff we've chosen...
 The bassinet we've chosen.. from my mum.
Childcare Charlotte Bassinet

Over the last few months, even before we got pregnant we've admired this bassinet in Target and now were finally getting this from our little bubby from my mum.
It's so gorgeous, soft, white & pure!
Tiley will sleep in this in our room for the first few months until Tiley's night sleep gets into a routine and needing less feeds and less comfort during the night, and we feel bubs safe away from us.
It has a storage basket under which the lace overlay covers which we can put Tiley's night nappy's in and extra blankets so we don't have to grab them from the nursery .

The pram we've chosen...from Tim's dad.
Steelcraft Acclaim Eclipse Reverse Handle Stroller.
There is the black, or the cream & brown style (Called Colour: Acclaim) but we like the cream & brown one better (the one the pictures are of) we got to have a push and it was so easy and light! We also got a demonstration on how it folds up, changes style, the wheels lock and how the capsule goes on and off I can't wait to get it!! It will be Tim's dad.. Bubbys Grandad. His also offered to get the matching capsule!
This is the matching capsule:

The portacot we've chosen...and ordered!
BN BABY Travel Portable Cot Complete Care Play Yard + Baby Changing Deluxe

We chose to get a complete/deluxe portacot cot from the beginning and now we bought this style. It comes with a play area, a bassinet area, storage basket, change table, music mobile, toys, it vibrates, and mosquito net. It will be great when staying over dinner at our parents or even over the weekend to Tim's parents. I've chosen this colour to match our pram colours.

Nappy Bag we've chosen.. and already got!

Keeping with the brown and cream theme that we seem to be going with, (at the start I didn't realise but once we got a few brown and cream things I thought we might as well match everything) I guess brown match's our green & brown safari nursery and it's quite neutral :)
This nappy bag came with a big nappy bag, a smaller nappy bag, a change mat, a bottle holder and a food holder.
Only 5 weeks until my pregnancy is half way!