Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Tiley-Week 13

Second Trimester:
So this is it- the second trimester starts!! & the weight has definitely been lifted from my shoulders. It's great knowing with each little pain I know it's completely normal because bubby is here to stay!!
My tummy this week is quite tender.. everythings stretching inside & it can be painful at time but thank goodness for google I've found out it is pretty normal :)

Bubby is about 7-8 cm!! Grown so much in a week. I can't believe Tiley's almost 10 centimeters! In fact by 15 weeks bub will be over 10 centimeters. Bub's growing so fast, I can't believe it, I amaze myself each week with how big bub is getting. Tiley grows around 1 cm a week and sometimes even more! This week it was 2!! Here is a bit of a chart of bubbys growth:

 8 weeks 1.6 cm 1 gram
 9 weeks 2.3 cm 2 grams
 10 weeks 3.1 cm 4 grams
11 weeks 4.1 cm 7 grams
12 weeks 5.4 cm 14 grams
 13 weeks 7.4 cm 23 grams
 14 weeks 8.7 cm 43 grams
 15 weeks 10.1 cm 70 grams
16 weeks 11.6 cm 100 grams
 17 weeks 13 cm 140 grams
 18 weeks 14.2 cm 190 grams
 19 weeks 15.3 cm 240 grams
20 weeks 16.4 cm 300 grams

What Tiley Would Look Like This Week:
Here's what bubby would look like this week:
Tiley's fingerprints are now in place which is the most unique thing about our little baby at the moment & also from now on all baby's start growing at all different rates, it will be so exciting to see how bubs growth compares.
Tiley has learnt some knew tricks:
-Tiley can now open & close it's mouth.
-When gently touching my belly bubby will look to drink, just like a babys reflex when you touch their cheek. Tiley will also begin sucking it's thumb!!

Modern Cloth Nappies:
Here's a photo of Tiley's nappy's so far.. getting a bit obsessed I think:
Progressive Shoot:
We start our progressive pregnancy shoot on Saturday. We having a photo shoot at around 13 weeks, 20 weeks, 28 weeks & 36 weeks  and then one with bubby in the end. The final product will look something like these:
Were going to put them in separate wooden frames next to each other in Tiley's room. So I'm going to wear a black dress with a safari scarf to match in the room :).

I will update how it went next week, but VERY excited.