Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Tiley- 14 Weeks

Tiley This Week:
This is the last week bub will be under 50grams (around 40-45 grams this week) , that's soo tiny, just to give you an idea of how much 40-45 grams is:
-Two eggs.
-A Tennis Ball.
- Around 5 $1 coins.
- 3 .50cent coins.
- 9 teaspoons/ 6 tablespoons.
Baby is practising his or her facial expressions this week, I can't wait to see how they are!! Aww Tiley's smile, I just can't wait to see how Tiley smiles!!!! Also practising his or her muscle strength :D
Tiley is also growing their hair.. head hair, eyebrow hair and fine body hair.. I wonder what colour hair Tiley will have??
Tiley's also starting to stretch out with the strengh of Tiley's neck.
I checked my weight yesterday and according to the doctors weight in I've lost 2 kilos since week 10, Im sure it wont be long till I pile it on!!
Wouldn't it be nice if we only put on what the baby weighs? That's on average 3 & 1/2 kilos! (Around a 7.6 pound baby)..
 But we can't forget extra breast weight, extra blood about 1.2 kilo's, water/ fluid (about 800 grams) & stored fat for energy for breast feeding which is about 4 kilos, a uterus will gain an extra kilo, and the placenta about 700 grams.
 That's 11 kilo's just for a 3.5 kilo baby!

I've felt the little one move a bit over the last few days. About a week ago I thought I could feel something but knew I was very early- now their is no denying that Tiley's moving about :)

Progress Video:
Look at babys progress in the last 4 weeks, check out this video:

Progression Shoot:
Here are some pictures from our very first maternity shoot!!! Check out how much space bub has taken up!! (by BlakkRoze Photography)
I didnt end up wearing the printed scalf but the brown dress near the green fern seemed 'safari' enough :)
We have also been trying to think of a boys name- we have a girls name picked just can't pick a boys name!! I think we have looked at every single boys name, William, Grayson, Xaviah, Logan, Cooper, Ryder, Jason, Liam, Ryan, Leonardo.. every baby book and website just has the same names over & over  - we just can't decide! There has to be a name out there that we both go 'that's it'.. we had that moment with our wedding venue, my wedding dress, tim's wedding ring, our honeymoon destination, nursery theme, the pram we want.. surely there is a moment with the boys name!
Baby's Birthdays:
I went to a 1st birthday and 2nd bithday.. getting more excited about babys! I just can't believe how quick these girls are growing up. Here's Miss Allira-Lee & Miss Katalina May when they were born & now.
Katalina May born 15th/May/2010:

Em's baby shower for Miss Katalina, the day she was born, two years ago & Kat's second birthday xx.

Allira-Lee born 14th/May/2011:

Allira in hospital, 7 months & Allira's first birthday xx.

All these girls make me think that we will have a boy but with all these boys in our families it's about time there is a girl.. not long till we find out though!! We are going to find out on Tim's birthday (I will be 20 weeks) babys present to daddy xx
The wonderful thing will be seeing baby, making sure baby is healthy, the right size and if all the organs are working correctly & if we get to find out what sex bubby is that will be extra special.

Only 18 more weeks till I finish work!!!
5 weeks till we see bubby again :)