Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Tiley- 11 WEEKS

My quote of the week:
"I don't think I have crazy pregnancy lady hormones, I think it's just a lack of cigarettes & wine..."

Our Scare:
I spent the last couple of days debating if I would include our hospital scare in this weeks blog. I had wrote down every single detail but am just going to keep it short.
It is now apart of my pregnancy journey but not something I would like to dwell on.
Thursday morning I woke up after a horrid dream that I was bleeding, it was the second dream like that this pregnancy so it didn't scare me but not nicest thing to think of when you wake up. Then I went to the toilet and their was the blood, for real.. It wasn't till the afternoon that I realised I dreamt about bleeding the night before.  After two miscarriages we thought the worse but hoped for the best.
 It was a really scary day for us, especially waiting all day for an ultrasound.
We went to the hospital at 8:45am to be told at about 2:00pm that we can't get an ultrasound till Monday but the nurse did one anyway (out of the complete goodness of her heart just to give us reassurance that the baby was okay - she was not trained to give an ultrasound or anything)
So at about 2:30pm we saw our baby.

Our gorgeous, active, somersaulting, star jumping baby with two arms, two legs & a fast beating heart. & that's all we wanted. I was in tears. I couldn't believe we had such bad outcomes with the others and now finally we have a healthy, strong baby!! I couldn't see much because I was crying so I keep asking Tim what it was like. He said that it was so clear he could see every little arm and leg.. It was good for him to experience something extra that I didn't, as us ladies get the first kicks, butterfly's.. all the amazing things the fathers don't get. But I really wish I was brave and saw the baby clearly!!
I'm actually looking forward to the ultrasound on Monday because I know everything will be okay & we were told we couldn't have a 12 week ultrasound, so this will be like our 12 week ultrasound.

We wont find out where the bleeding came from till Monday with a proper ultrasound and then I will see the obstetrician on Tuesday. The bleeding has stopped & I have been resting the last couple of days so I'm feeling alot better. I was very emotional- my blood pressure has gone from 110/79 during the pregnancy to 150/110 on Thursday, so I really needed to calm myself down and relax. For the baby.

What Tiley Would Look Like:
This is what Tiley would have looked like in the ultrasound... So much like a baby, can you believe it? Measuring at about 4 & 1/2 - 5 CM and has grown a whole CM just this week!! We were just discussing how HUGE Tiley's got. & then had to laugh. Yep Tiley has grown so, so, so much but still is so, so, so tiny. It was surreal on the ultrasound compared to the 6 week ultrasound.. Tiley really did look like a tiny human!!

New Doctor:
I went to see my new doctor this week too. The whole time I was waiting I was thinking.. okay the other doctors isn't that bad, the other doctor's waiting room is cleaner, the other doctor runs on time, the other doctor surgery's chairs are more comfortable... and then the wonderful doctor called me and gave me loads and loads and loads of information.. ohhh such a blessing!! She also sent a referral to an Ob and Gyno, answered all my questions, really took the time for me.. she didn't even know me & when I said I was looking for a new doctor for some antenatal care she was so so excited!! I am very happy with this doctor! (They just need a cleaner and more comfortable waiting room!!- but hey, what can you expect for Mowbray!)
Morning Sickness:
My morning sickness is very on & off.. alot better then it has been.. crossing my fingers that it will be gone next week. Please Please PLEASE. Ah what happened to the 'glowing' and the 'enjoyment'...

Pregnant In Heels:
I've been watching Pregnant In Heels...
These are all million dollar glamorous ladies having a fabulous pregnancy and here I am hugging the toilet every morning. I really want this to be a great time so I'm trying to take some tips. I don't have to be a frumpy pregnant woman.. I can be stylish, pretty & even if I'm not blessed with a pregnancy glow, I can make myself glow. I don't have to let the whole world know that I'm so sick, tired and my hairs completely changed, I have restless leg syndrome anyway and it's got worse already and I've put on 1/2 a kilo (Originally put on 2 but lost 1 & 1/2).

So I can't believe next week I will be finally 12 weeks!! and then another week & I will be in the second trimester :)

So so proud of our little one doing so well. And I'm so in love!
29 more weeks!!!