Sunday, April 15, 2012



First of, I want to send YOU a huge congratulations if you've just found out your pregnant!! Please let me know how your journey is going, and  enjoy reading through mine! This was my first pregnany that I wrote it as a diary.


Wondering how we got the name 'Tiley' for our little bub yet? No, that's not going to be his/her name but a mix of TImothy & harLEY.. instead of calling it the usual peanut :)... & it's much nice calling our beautiful bub a 'it' :). Were trying very hard to not reveal our names... okay Tim is the only one doing OK at this so calling bub Tiley is a great way not to have to reveal our names during the pregnancy.
So I thought I would do some research on what Tiley actually means this week...It means 'mighty in battle' ... it deffinately suits our little miracle!

Morning Sickness:
Morning sickness this week.. some days I didnt have it at all, some days just the afternoons and some days it was BAD & I even took another day off work! It started of as mainly travel sickness that would last for a couple of hours after being in the car or bus but then it would start coming on just sitting on the couch!! I'm feeling less tired though, I don't need 10 hours of sleep!....buuttt... thats could be to do with my new love of afternoon naps? Maybe?! lol.
Im also not eating as much... I had to continuously eat because of my morning sickness that I put on 2 kilo! Now I have even lost one of those kilos! According to my BMI I shouldn't put on anymore then 9 kilo.. hmmm, I think for me if I put on 10 kilo Ill be doing really well!

Second Trimester:

Only 4 more weeks till i'm in the next trimester!!! woow! I wonder if i'll actually wait till then to announce it! It's been so hard!

The Bump:
So I've been a bit worried about my bump... I have a bump ALREADY but looking up other 8 week bumps some people have makes me feel better.. most people DONT show at 8 weeks... I guess im lucky??  I think I'm going to be HUGE. But after the huge struggle we've had, it's such a wonderful reminder.

Me at 5 weeks pregnant.
Me at almost 8 weeks.

So alot of people ask why i'm showing so early.. but I guess we all just have to remember that not every pregnancy is the same! Weather it be  The Tummy Muscles or Progesterone - The Mother of Bloat I'm totally owning it ;).