Thursday, March 29, 2012


Our baby at 5 weeks.

Another Week:
Yey, passed a week & baby is still here! Buut I have no morning sickness or anything. Im a bit worried about that & after I found out my blood test results & seen the doctor again this week I'm a tad worried. My ultrasound is in a week & I can wait!! I just want to know about the heartbeat. I just can't wait to not see an 'empty' scan. My dear, dear baby, I hope your okay!!

My tests... STUPID MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST! Called me up to tell me to repeat a test. Yeah thanks. Just what I wanted to know.. NOTHING!! So I go in, cry my eyes out thinking my HCG levels are really low, go see the doctor, find out its just a high white cell count, get a referal, pay ANOTHER $75 and go for another test.. SIMPLE!! Appppparently not. Turns out my WBCC is really high, 19. It rises during pregnancy but not normally that much. So I was sent for more tests to make sure my body isn't seeing the pregnancy as an infection & trying to fight it. C'mon morning sickness!! So I know everythings okay!!

So bonding has been a bit hard this time, I just want to fall in love but I can't. I'm so scared of loosing this bubby that I can't even rub my stomach. It's heartbreaking! This is my little baby growing & i'm so scared that it will pass that I can't fall in love. Im soooooooo hoping this changes once we se the heartbeat.
This week i've taken my TENTH  test... okay, so without morning sickness or anything but sore breats.. I'm worried! I'm also checking checking up on my HCG levels and with the tests, they are rising nicely :). Two of those tests were digital tests. I took one when I was suppose to be exactly 5 weeks & it still come up as 4-5 weeks.. not 5+. So i'm wondering if im a couple of days behind? I doubt it though, as I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks.. any earlier I would be 3 & 1/2 weeks.. Is that possible?! I guess the scan will tell!!
I told work this week too... alot of people said wait but with my work I needed to make sure that they knew because of our history. I can't wait to tell everyone else.... can we wait to 12 weeks?!?!

Anyway, this was my journey this week xx