Sunday, July 30, 2017

What's the difference between a head job and a steak...

To the guy that used the pick up line "what's the difference between a head job and a steak"

Firstly, I thought I heard you say "what's the difference between a hedgehog and a snake"

 But don't confuse my total look of confusion with lust....please.

To then say you'll take me out for dinner so I can see with a creepy `wink wink' only made me vomit a little in my mouth.

You obviously didn't say hedgehog

Or snake

I'll never look at poor hedgehogs again.

Besides from ruining the innocence of hedgehogs for me, this would of been my reply if I wasn't in complete shock and hyperventilating about what the actual fuck just happened....

For one, thank you so much for thinking about my steak needs. Didn't know I looked so anaemic, I have been taking iron supplements, but I now know to up my dosage. So I appreciate that.

I possibly would of taken you up on your meal offer if you weren't wearing a wedding ring though... I mean, I'm totally cool with a free feed, especially if I need more iron in my life... But we should probably invite your WIFE too.....

And for two, I don't know why you feel the entitlement to a hedgehog head job post steak sesh. Or in fact, the entitlement to think it's okay to ever use that line on a woman...

So I'm sorry, there will be no swapsies in a steak and BJ with a man wearing a wedding ring that I was chatting to in a pub.

I just feel like my life is heading in a different direction.....

Enjoy your snake 'wink wink'

Harley xx

Monday, July 3, 2017

Breaking up as an adult.

Just moments after I decided to declare to the world that I was in love.
The posts, the blog, the instagram.....
It all seemed premature.

Because sometimes even though all of your stars look like they match. It's an illusion. Maybe you want them to be so bad that you pretend that they do. Or maybe you want them to so bad, you turn a blind eye to the fact that in reality, the stars are a complete mismatched mess. Completely.
Those stars that looked so breathtakingly beautiful, are really, just big balls of hot gas.

I don't think it's anyone's fault. We can't blame each other for not being right for one another. But the bottom line is, we're not.
Part of dating as an adult is really assessing if this relationship is something you really want, beyond short-term. Unfortunately, I just couldn't see that.

Sometimes completely different views and perspectives just don't work together. And that's okay!

It's funny though, I haven't been in this dating game since I was 17. It's kind of strange. Like breaking hearts, tears, and feelings are still things... fancy that! But now we do things... like adults! Sit down and have a conversation and mutually decide to part ways, adults. Kids are involved, items are involved, we invested in each others lives, now we have to un-invest, as 'adulty' as possible.

So, here I am, again, finding myself single in my 20's.... and blogging about it!

Which I'm not ashamed to be, I do like my own company, and my life is completely hectic enough. I love the self time, the growth time, the perspective time.
God knows that I really need to get a hold on this hot mess I call life before I can share it with anyone else.

Now is the time I focus on me and my beautiful children.
And boy, do I love my life with them. Seriously, have you met these two amazing people?!

-Harley xx

Monday, June 19, 2017

Half way through '17

6th month of '17.
Can't believe we're half way through already.
Thought it was time to re-evaluate where I wanted my year to be, and where it's heading. So much has changed. So much I've done! So much I haven't... 

2017 Goals as of Jan, 17!

* Turn my data off more, spend more time off my phone during the day. More time connecting with life.

I need to really do this. I'm getting so caught up in Social Media. I'm definitely finding it really hard to switch off!

* Make more effort for adventures with the kids. Build memories. Bus to the beach & weekends away.

We've done a few different things which have been so much fun! Beach, Movies, Kids Paradise... It's a little more difficult with school for Jydan, and when he's off he's exhausted. School holiday fun is on the cards though!

* Embrace my body, wear a bikini.

I've just started taking a little more care of my body, but my 'no shits given' attitude is still in force.... most of the time.

* Write daily, write a book! Continue blogging.

I did decide that I wouldn't continue with publishing my book. But writing has still continued.

* More effort connecting with friends. Catching up. Make time to spend quality time with them.

So many fun memories with friends already, can't wait for more during the rest of the year.

* Do something fun every Tuesday with Jydan. Movies, pool, adventures, bike rides, visit his friends. Jydan day!

Unfortunately I haven't continued with Jydan day. However, I have made sure that he gets an extra special hour of just him time each night before he goes to bed.

* Celebrate occasions more. Birthdays, Easter, Christmas in July. Make occasions incredibly fun and excited. Be creative!

Christmas in July is in the plan! I've also had lots of fun travelling, celebrated my birthday and divorce and many other things!

Ultimately 2017 was going to be about building relationships, myself and the kids up.

I have already;

  • Travelled to the Great Barrier Reef with my mum and friends.
  • Snorkelled through the reef.
  • Made many fun memories.
  • Laughed SO many times.
  • Met someone.
  • Started studying.
  • Continued working my home business.
  • Expanded my business
  • Made more friends.
  • Had fun memories with the kids.
  • Started Jydan at school.
  • Got my ears and nose pierced.
  • Spent more time with my friends.
  • Started being more organised.
  • Went back to church.
  • Dyed my hair purple & red.
  • Loved life.
Soooo much more exciting things to come!! 

What an incredible year this has been!!! 

One of my favourites!

Harley xx

Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Scentsy Story

For more information on how YOU can start your own business like mine, contact me on 0447082607, or email
or check out my business website

-Harley xx