Sunday, October 12, 2014

Baby Caterpillar - 16 Weeks

What an utterly scary week this was! After going to the toilet I saw blood! Remembering I had bleeding with Jydan and knew everything was okay. I thought it must have just been my cervix again. So went and laid in bed and had a nap while Jydan slept, and about an hour later went to the loo again (How many times do I need to pee this pregnancy?!) to find more blood and a little clot. Okay! Breath! No, cry! I couldn't believe it! A call to the hospital who said to come into the labour ward, and we waiting for hubby to get home. Once we got the labour ward a doctor wrote down all what was happening, checked my cervix, did a pap smear, and an ultrasound. All looked great on the ultrasound, sigh! Phew! Beating heart! 
The ultrasound looked like I had placenta previa, that my placenta was too close to my cervix. One reason why I could of bled (another reason they said was because I was vomiting so much), so they sent a referral to another scan to double check, but all was looking fine! The scan was amazing and so clear, I could see bubs eyes and everything! And I got huge pink vibes! Which is funny, because after a similar thing happened with Jydan at 11 weeks, and I had a scan, I had huge blue vibes!
The next day I had even more bleeding and more clots, but kept reminding myself that all was okay yesterday, all was okay. 
The day after that I had my second scan, and they couldn't see any reason for the bleeding again, and baby looked great, with a heartbeat of 160bpm! She also said it didn't look like I had placenta previa, so yey! Bubby is measuring a little small, smaller again, about 12 days off my dates, so hopefully it catches up!
No bleeding since, and I've been a lot more careful and resting a bit more. Four more weeks until my 20 week scan, so I'll be even more reassured then.
Here's my little baby!! Looking healthy & gorgeous! Not as clear as the first scan, but still so amazing!
15.5 weeks, measuring 14 weeks.

Symptoms this week:
Tender Breasts.
Hair & Nail Growth.
Ligament Pain.
Feeling baby move every now and then, still not strong or every day.
Weight gain: One Kilo.
Size of baby: 
About 100grams, and 11.6 cms head to bum!
About the size of an avocado!
Baby's doing this week:
Learning to pull and grab by using the umbilical cord,
Time left:
24 weeks... Oh gosh!!  24 weeks and I'll be a mumma of two!
Next Milestone:
Half way, in 4 weeks time!
Guessing baby's gender:
I'm thinking girl!!
Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.
Salt this week! Olives and salt!!
Still thinking of some girly middle names, would love some ideas! Something short and sweet.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Baby Caterpillar - 15 Weeks.

I skipped last week cause I just didn't have a chance to jump on and post. Last week was full of vomiting, a hospital visit, a diagnoses of hyperemesis, bed rest, exhaustion but still trying to make time for my little man. And do some orders for my business. So no time to update last week! So lets just forget about that week! I'm now 15 weeks!!
I'm feeling bubby heaps now, most at night, like it's tickling the inside of my belly!
I've also popped out heaps now, all of a sudden!

I'm all booked in for the hospital and have my 20 week scan booked in, it will be on the 10th of November!

Looking back at my 15 week update with Jydan I was SO much more organised already. I've barely got anything so far, and I've only just put on a layby of baby clothes!

Symptoms this week:
Trouble staying asleep.
Tender Breasts.
Hair & Nail Growth.
Weight gain: 500 grams (was 2 kilo, but lost a little bit of weight)
Size of baby: 
About 70grams, and 11 cms head to bum!
About the size of an apple!
Baby's doing this week:
Baby is moving all their joints and limbs and is now growing in proportion (legs are growing bigger then arms)
Time left:
25 weeks... oh wow, getting close to that half way mark! 
Next Milestone:
Half way, in 5 weeks time!
Guessing baby's gender:
I'm thinking girl!!
Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.
Mainly cucumber, anything fresh and cold.
We've picked names!! Will reveal after our 20 week scan!

Jydan - 22 Months.

Age: 22 months
Weight: 10.7 kilo
Height: 85 cm


-New words, really expanding his words.

-New Animal Sounds..
-Nursery Rhymes
-New things at swimming.
-To drink out of a cup, without a sippy lid.


- Using his words again, and learning more words.

-Knows most of his body parts.
-Learnt colours yellow, black, blue & green.

-Become more playful/ using imagination. 

-Knows most of his animal sounds
-Eating better.
-Sleeping better though the day.

Jydan has 16 teeth!! 

Favourite Word/Sentences: 

-He loves singing the Chuggington theme song, in his own little way :)

-Yellow (The kid loves anything yellow)
-Brum brum car. 

Favourite Book: 

He has this book that makes car noises, he love it!

Favourite Toy:

Phones & Vacuum cleaners and cars!

Favourite Food: 

Probably ham at the moment.

Best Memory Of This Month:

I tried to do a few different fun activities with him this month to make up for the days I can't do anything. Painting with stickers and getting all messy was probably the best memory.

Child Health Nurse Appointment:

Just a weigh in, and booked in his two year old check as well as a dentist appointment.

Doctors Appointment:
No doctor's appointments for Jydan this month. :)

Paediatrician Appointment:
All went well at this appointment, even some weight gain! So next appointment isn't for another three months.

Dietitian Appointment:
I don't think I want Jydan to continue seeing the dietitian, sometimes it seems like we know more then her and have got some dodgy advice/

Speech Therapy Appointment:

 He had an appointment for his eating a few weeks ago along with his OT, basically we have to put in a few extra steps to get him to eat and have a slow introduction to his eating.

Occupational Therapy Appointment:
He has a follow up appointment on the 14th :)

Phyio Therapy: 

His next appointment will be in November/December.

Home Physio: 

We need to find some supportive boots for summer, his boots are so hot!

I'm so behind, Jydan is more closer to 23 months now, which means he's super close to two!! And that's super scary! His invites are done, and party all organised, just have to do the loot bags now. Wow! My baby is almost TWO, now I'm going to cry like a baby!

He certainly isn't acting like a baby anymore either, with his big words and his big boy bed, he's just huge! He has a gorgeous personality that's shone through though. He hasn't hit the terrible twos yet and is seriously one of the best behaved boys I know. I'm sure the time will come, so for now I am utterly enjoying him listening, obeying, hugging, loving, cuddling, cleaning up, imagining, playing, and everything else.

I've said it before, but I just love how this boy loves. He adores things, and when he finds something he loves, he loves the crap out of it. Like the colour yellow at the moment, and Disney cars! He gets ridiculously in love with things and loves hard. This boy will be the most amazing partner one day.. but lets not think about that, he isn't even two!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby Caterpillar - 13 weeks.

Second trimester, here we go!!
Although I'm still sick and all that, I'm feeling a lot better in myself, not as yuck. Time to start enjoying this pregnancy!

I THINK I started feeling bubby move too, I'm pretty sure because it wasn't a once off and I was about 12 weeks when I felt Jydan move too. Every now and then through the day I feel little fishy movements!!!
I love comparing my bump to Jydan's at the same gestation, I was so much bigger with Jydan! I think because I've been SO sick this pregnancy, I don't really have a bump yet. Clothes are starting to get a fair bit tight though, so something's going on ;).. or maybe that's just the two kilos I've already put on... sigh!

I actually started sorting out the spare room into the nursery this week.. I know, a bit early, and I have to rewash the bedding and paint the cot, but I thought if I have to sort out the room, I might as well start putting the nursery together.
Poor Jydan is still not coping with me being sick, so I made him a social story about me being sick, will post more about the book I made later on, but I'm so hoping this stops him crying so much when I'm sick.. it's so so heartbreaking!
Symptoms this week:
All day sickness.
Lots of peeing!
Tender Breasts.
Hair & Nail Growth.
Getting my appetite again.
Tender Breasts.
Weight gain: two kilo.
Size of baby: 
Head to bottom - 7.4cm .. how quick is this baby growing!
About the size of a peapod!
Baby's doing this week:
Baby has their unique finger prints now!
Time left:
27 weeks... oh wow, getting close to that half way mark! 
Next Milestone:
Half way, in 7 weeks time!
Guessing baby's gender:
I'm thinking girl again, see, I keep changing my mind!
Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.
Eggs! I really want some eggs, but it's too hard to risk it with Jydan's allergies.
I haven't really looked at names yet, although we think we have the girls name chosen from when I was pregnant with Jydan.