Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jydan - 2 Years, 1 Month.

Age: 2 Years + 1 Month
Weight: 11.2 kilo
Height: 85.5 cm


-New words every day
-To use his words instead of screaming or crying.

-Shapes, and drawing a circle

-Singing along the ABC's.
-To respond to more instructions.

-To listen and understand better.

-How to push the boundaries (hehe!)
-To play & use imagination.
-To use the potty.
-Baby Sign.
-To repeat/parrot word.
-To undress himself.


- Saying more words, eg Christmas, Aunty, Santa, Millie.
-Started calling Millie by her name instead of Baa.

-Become more playful/ using imagination. 

-Using his imagination when drawing.

Last check up:

 All went well, his teeth are looking very healthy (yey for preserving with the brushing!) However, his teeth are fairly crowded. Something to keep an eye on in the future & make sure he's brushing. He wasn't very cooperative though.

 Made another appointment for May.

Favourite Word/Sentences: 

-Play? Aww.. it's so cute, how can I say no!

-Super Grover! As he pretends to be Super Grover/Super Man.
-Tannk u! His super cute way of saying Thank You.

Favourite Book: 

He's loving his colouring books more then any reading book really at the moment.

Favourite Toy:

Either between his lightening McQueen car or his truck he got for his birthday! 

Favourite Food: 

Ham & Cheese!

Best Memory Of This Month:

Setting up the tree & looking at Christmas lights!
And my brother Jyle's leavers dinner.

Child Health Nurse Appointment:

No Appointment this month :).

Doctors Appointment:
Jydan had a pretty bad temp and was a bit sick so had to have a doctors appointment, he is still recovering from his viral infection.

Paediatrician Appointment:
I think our next one will be in the new year.

Dietitian Appointment:
Jydan's was discharged from the dietetics department this visit, woohoo. One less lot of appointments to worry about!

Speech Therapy Appointment:

Jydan's next speech appointment will be in Feb. Until then we are working on some sign language.

Occupational Therapy Appointment:

Jydan had his huge sensory assessment a few days ago. I got more insight into his little world and more tips and strategies on how to deal with everything. Our biggest thing to work on is calming down before and after an activity. Our next appointment will be mid January.

Phyio Therapy: 

Jydan had his physio appointment which went well, we have a new pair of shoes to try and help stable his feet. Jydan will be doing weekly physio next year for a few months.
Home Physio: 

We are still maintaining swimming as part of his physio, but this week is his last week until Feb so we will need to do a few more things at home.


Jydan has just changed swimming days to a Saturday, which means a new teacher and friends! He is also going in with Dad most of the time too, which Dad's really enjoying as well! Jydan has started to swim by himself a little bit in the pool. Just a tiny bit, but getting there!

I can't believe Jydan's second birthday was a whole month ago now! Time really does fly. 
The last month has been huge for Jydan's speech. It's like now we've started signing a little bit he was able to pick up more words. He's doing much better with his words now and started copying some too. He's learning to sing a little bit and especially loves 'Santa Claus is coming to town'.

We're struggling with working out if he does or doesn't want a nap at the moment, which means sometimes he's falling asleep at dinner time. It's SO cute! I have to share this video!!!

However the nights he wakes all the time, or doesn't go to sleep until midnight because he has had a nap, isn't as fun! lol.

Jydan is really looking forward to Christmas this year and really interested in Santa and the Christmas trees! We're just loving Christmas as a family this year, Jydan's at the perfect ago for it! ....Don't tell him that mummy hasn't been letting him have his advent calender chocolate's though ;)

I feel like my beautiful man just gets cuter & cuter each month and I'm developing the best relationship with him! I cherish every moment with him.. Well, except for those daily two year old tantrums he has been having!!

We did his two year old progress photo, but I'm not happy with it, so will do it again and show you all next month ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2015 Goals

2015 is so close now, two & a half weeks away... So I decided to make my 2015 goal list!

-Book and have maternity shoot.

-Have a baby.

-Do the babies and Jydan's maternity scrapbook.

-Make Jydan's first year scrapbook.

-Finish decorating our bedroom.

-Loose the baby weight.

-Find a playgroup.

-Organise and host the babies naming ceremony.

-Finish painting the side fence.

-Organise a family vacation.

What's your 2015 goals?

Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Goals - What Have I Accomplished.

There's ONLY THREE weeks left of this year! Oh my goodness!
So it's time to re visit my 2014 goals, and set some 2015 ones!

How did you go with your 2014 goals?

- Finish & purchase Jydan's first year online photo book. 

I totally forgot this was on this list, woops, this will have to be a 2015 goal ;).

- Begin & purchase my maternity online photo book
Yep, this one will have to be a 2015 one too... Not off to a good start!

- Set up Jydan's big boy bedroom. 
Only thing left to do is buy a curtain rod to put the curtains up, yey!

- Fall pregnant... hopefully!
Yey, I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant!

- Seek regular osteo visits for my back.

We really couldn't afford to do this in the end anyway...

- Plan & organise Jydan's second birthday.

Sure did, and it was great fun!

- Sell/Rent out our unit

We sold our unit probably 5-6 months ago now :) 

- Find a bigger house & move.

And bought a bigger house too!

- Organise and host  our 'Mad Hatter, Cocktails & Croquet' house warming.

I organised it, so it half counts, but I had really bad morning sickness so I had to cancel!

- Organise next family vacation
Didn't do this either!! I've got 3 weeks to though!

-Toilet Train Jydan

Except for nights, we got there!

- Find a job / study. 

I started my own little business so I'm counting that :)

- Read three books

I read way more blogs then books, but I still managed three!

- Loose 10 kilos. 

I got pregnant and pretty much almost gained that instead :/

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Baby Caterpillar - 25 Weeks

Oh hello 25 weeks, I feel like you're finally here but came around so quick at the same time! 
25 weeks:
20 weeks:

What a huge growth spurt this little one has had in just 5 weeks! Although I'm carrying SO much fluid!
We are doing our progress picture again, so I'll share next week, come back to see!
I have just had some kidney tests done as they're worried about pre-eclampsia returning this time with some high BP readings and so much fluid and kidney pains. I'm waiting for the results now, so will update more on that next week too.

I haven't been toooo sick this week, thank goodness! I think I've only had two bad days, where I couldn't keep anything down. Things are definitely improving with my sickness, but I do hope it would completely leave me alone soon!!

Symptoms this week:
Leg Cramps.
Pelvic Pain.
Braxton Hicks.
Swelling & Fluid.
Trouble Staying Asleep.
Feeling Hot.
Increased Appetite.
High BP.
Weight gain: 7 kilo -I need to stop writing my weight I think, ekk! At least the doctor said it's mostly fluid. 

Doctors/Midwives Appointment:
I had a doctors appointment this week, where they've put me on fortnightly appointments now because of my blood pressure instead of monthly. So my next appointment is in about a week and a half. 
The doctor sent me off for tests on my kidneys, so fingers crossed all is okay there, and also gave me a referal to book my next scan. I'm so excited to see the baby again in a few weeks, but nervous as to what will be out of the cyst in their brain.

 Around 3 more weeks.

Size of baby: 
About 660gms, and 35 cms head to toe!.. grown 5cm in a week!
About as long as a zucchini!

Baby's doing this week:
Their brain is growing rapidly!
Time left:
15 weeks!! 
Next Milestone:
Next milestone will be our 27/28 week scan!
Baby's Gender:
Will reveal after our 27/28 week scan.
Nickname for baby:
Caterpillar - because of the hungry caterpillar themed nursery.
Black forest chocolate.. what does that mean?
All decided, woohoo!!