Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jydan - 20 Months.

Age: 20 Months
Weight: 11 Kilos 
Height: 82 cm


 -Body parts (knows his nose, eyes, head, hair, belly button, feet, arms, tongue, ears, hands, feet, doodle, and teeth... teaching him shoulders and knees at the moment)

-Animal Sounds & animal names (knows most animals)
-More and new things at swimming.

- To use the toilet.
-When he needs to do a wee.-Nodding yes.. not just no all the time!
- Red and green traffic signals.
- To get undressed.


-Learnt body parts.
-Animal sounds.
-Animal names.
-Following longer instructions.

 -Eating much better.

-Become more playful/ using imagination. 

- Using the toilet.
- Learnt to be more gentle.
- Started using a fork properly.

Jydan has 16 teeth!! Just his two year old molars left!

Favourite Word/Sentences: 

-Vacuum Cleaner.. Loves the vacuum cleaner, he says it all the time.

-Reeeady,  go!!

Favourite Book: 

Usborne 'That's not my' books.. Favorite!!

Favourite Toy:

Anything chuggington!! Or anything that has ducks on it! And the vacuum cleaner.

Favourite Food: 

Bananas were the go for a while but I think he's getting over them. Crackers are probably the new fav.

Best Memory Of This Month:

Being discharged from the nutritional department at the hospital. YEY!

Child Health Nurse Appointment:

I haven't been to the CHN this month, we will go in the next couple of weeks though.

Doctors Appointment:
No need for a doctors appointment this month :).

Paediatrician Appointment:
 We have an appointment this week, but I did have to get Jydan to have some blood tests through his paed this month, SO horrible!

Dietitian Appointment:
It went really, really well.. it looks like Jydan is being discharged!! 

Speech Therapy Appointment:
Jydan is back on the waiting list for a speechie as they are low on staff.

Occupational Therapy Appointment:
Jydan had an OT appointment, and we worked on more sensory issues. We are waiting on a result from the OT about some sensory stuff. 
Phyio Therapy: 

We won't have another physio appointment until around December. 

Home Physio: 

Jydan wearing boots is helping his foot SO well. So much improvement.

Jydan's imagination is really really amazing, I get so surprised with how it is. He loves to have pretend picnics, and will get a plate of his pretend food and want to share with everyone. It's the sweetest and most beautiful thing to watch! Love that my little man is learning how to do all these wonderful things.

A few months ago, we tried to toilet train Jydan, but after a batch of bad gastro everything regressed, and then we were moving, so I wasn't too worried by it. But about a week ago Jydan decided that he is going to use the toilet and jocks, and that's it. I will add a Journey to the toilet post soon! He's growing up so quick.

With all this amazing growing he has started wearing some size one's (12-18months)!! Most are too big still, but 0's (6-12months) are getting too small! He's in that awkward in between size stage.. but yey for growing!!

Jydan hasn't been sleeping all that good at the moment, but hey! That's life! We also lost his second blanky that he likes to go to sleep with, so to be fair, it must be really hard for him. But even before this he wasn't sleeping. And only in my arms for his day nap.

Jydan is at the age at the moment where he is really responding to kiddies his age (although he seems to love older kids more), he tries to say hello, hi-five's them, gives them cuddles, rubs them gently on their back, and looks right into their eyes. It's absolutely adorable watching him build these friendships!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Motherhood - 15 things I've learnt.

1) Enjoy the easy days.
Some days I feel so guilty for my day being a bit too easy. I'm a stay at home mum, isn't this suppose to be incredibly hard?! And OTHER days are SO draining I could cry! And sleep for a week. And curl into a ball and rock. I won't feel bad for enjoying an easy day again. Lets face it, they don't come often enough at this age (20 months!). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Lap it up, and make the most of the easy days. 

2) You will learn another language - baby babble.
Some how you will just know what one squeal or three squeals mean. Or an 'eh', or even a 'kjfjoijgorjgowgoj' You will understand it all. 

3) Dressing a toddler will sometimes be your biggest workout.
Think. Dressing a running flapping octopus. It will be more of a workout then going to the gym. 

4) If you go to the toilet alone, it will feel like a holiday.
I don't think I have to explain this one. It is what it is! ;) But it's pretty much the equivalent to relaxing at the Bahamas. 

5) Your bath will turn turn into toy kingdom.
No more scented candles around your gorgeously sparkling white bath. And gone are your bath crystals. You've replaced them with rubber duckies and squirt toys. Your bathroom floor will be constantly flooded, you might as well have your bath on the floor. 

6) Your life will turn into a song & dance musical.
How many times did you make up a song today to sing to your little ones? ;). Your life will be one big musical! If you aren't rocking, you're popping!

7) Your child will always be better.
As much as you will love other children, and think they're great.. You can't help but think your child is the best.

8) Parenting styles.
You will change your parenting style 85973295 times. In the first week. And you will break almost every single rule you wrote in your 'I will not do' book. 

9) Have plan B,C, even I .
With everything, art and craft, bedtime, bath time, everything.. Our days often end with plans somewhere between B and Z.. that's pretty good!

10) Kids will teach you to smell the roses. 
Children will teach you to love all the small things in life again. It's such a beautiful thing how kids love all the little things we take for granted. Let them teach you to appreciate them again.

11) Facebook knows!
Somehow facebook adverts will know you're expecting before anyone else does. I remember as soon as I changed my status to 'married' I got so many pregnancy adverts - and yep, somehow facebook knew even before I did!

12) Cleaning battles.
You will either clean the lounge room floor over a million times a day, or you will give up completely! Pick your battles.. pick your battles. 

13) Your life will turning into a spelling bee!
You will start spelling words, like it's a normal thing to do. Did you buy any  C H O C O L A T E? Where's the T E D D Y? Did you put the T O Y away?

14) You will be automatically diagnosed with tourettes.
You will sound like you have tourettes when you're talking on the phone. " How was your day? Don't put that in your mouth! What did you do? I've told you a million times. Not the toilet" 

15) You need a Mary Poppins bag! 
Getting ready to go out for the day, will be like getting ready to go for a weekender. And you will forget something.

Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Sensory fun activities for one-two year old's.

Baby Texture Cards.
what a great idea! I've done this before with my little man. My love of scrap booking and having left of scrap comes in handy!!

Check out the Baby Texture Cards at

Mystery Sensory Box.

I'm doing this tomorrow, so will write more about it then, but check out Sensory Game by Creative Christian Mama here.

Spaghetti Play.
So... this kind of grosses me out, but I know some little toddlers would loooove it!! I haven't tried this with mine yet, he doesn't like slimy stuff, but had to share! Check out Spaghetti Play at Laughing Kids Learn

Bubble Wrap Run.

My son loves this, so fun on their feet. Check out pediastaff!

And last one...

Animal Wash!
What a super FUN idea!! Probably my most favourite idea. Check out little bins for little hands.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Learning to smile through nature.

I have found it so hard to paste an "everything is alright" smile lately. After hearing Robyn McGraw talk about how her foundation came about, 'When Georgia Smiled', how Georgia was her mother, who no matter what, even though she was always endlessly worrying about her children, she had this give smile that told her children that everything was going to be alright. Robyn spoke about the comfort her mother's smile gave her, especially as her father was an alcoholic. Some how I couldn't plaster this smile myself, some how my inner smile was so broken that I couldn't even fake it. But I so desperately wanted to. I didn't have the energy. I found myself trying to take a picture of myself, and I couldn't even master a smile. All my energy had gone on other things and I'm left feeling exhausted.

My marriage almost fell apart, I walked planning never to come back, but I did, then he wanted to walk. Our love was unsure and our trust, my trust, it was stripped bare. I was so angry. I had so much anger towards him I didn't know what to do with it. Obviously he had the same. Suddenly we were in this whirl pool of a marriage, pulling each other down. Everything was out of control at this point, we were both too scared to even speak. Until, something so insignificant was done, but it made our whole love crash and burn and start again. Things had to get worse before they got better. We had to go through hell before we found each other again. We are better for it, and we will continue to get better, but the pain is still raw.

Then we have my son, my beautiful boy, who needs so much care. I find caring for him the easy part, but it's all the behind the scenes work that's involved. The appointments, all the sensory issues, making sure I have them worked out and catered for. Explaining everything to other people seems so much, it's just easier if I take it all on board 24/7. Literally, sometimes it's twenty four hours a day. Since things have become better with my husband, he has become more aware of our sons sensory issues.

Our new house has been a huge stress, we have no idea what's going on with it, or when we're moving. It seems every corner there has been a brick wall. We are trying incredibly hard to sort things out, but end up just chasing ourselves. Hopefully this will be sorted in the next couple of weeks, but for now, it's just something else weighing heavily on my shoulders.

After my mums group (MOPS) spoke last week about being thankful and finding the beauty in our beautiful mess, I really couldn't. My life was a mess. Nothing beautiful about it. My head was a mess. My marriage was a mess. My house was a mess. Our finances were a mess. Our car was a mess.. I could not find one beauty! OF COURSE there's my son, that's a given, but what about ME, besides the mummy!

Two days later, we left to get away for a couple of days, in our old falling apart car, we set off. Still thinking about my mums group and trying so hard to find a beauty. I wasn't avoiding it, I was honestly trying. Looking out the window, this is what I saw. I took my phone out and started taking photos. First of to instagram that we were road tripping, but then something happened. All of a sudden I kept finding these beautiful things, these beautiful moments, I was capturing these beautiful moments, I was seeing them with my own eyes! I kept finding these beautiful things to capture. I live in an absolutely beautiful state. I'm really not one for scenery, but in this moment of time I really needed this. I saw the beauty. And each time I found something, my smile grew. I was so calm, content, amazed and in love with nature. Nature gave me this breathe of calmness.

Everything was still there. Every mess was still there. But somehow every time I took a photo I found this serenity. Every time I searched for something, the grass looked greener, the hills looked perkier, the air felt fresher. Nature is so kind to my state, Tasmania. Nature can be such a simply beautiful thing. Somehow my shoulders felt that little lighter and my headache started to fade.

It was exactly what I needed this point in my life, something so minor to remind me how beautiful everything around us can really be!!